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Can I get sick from drinking coffee in which a fly has laid dead for at least an hour?

Asked by pisewes (36points) June 9th, 2011

I left my coffee alone for too long. I finally drunk it, and when I finished the cup, I saw a dead fly on the bottom of the cup. Can I get sick?

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Anything is possible. But it is highly unlikely (you eat insect parts in your processed food all the time).

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Nah. It’s just seasoning.

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You should eat it now.

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Welcome to Fluther.

You can get sick from nearly anything. Some people could get sick at “the idea of a dead fly in the bottom of a coffee cup”, and some could get sick from seeing it. Some could eat the fly deliberately and have no problem at all. (And some people will get a queasy feeling from just reading that.)

Assuming the water was clean to begin with and no other pathogens or toxicity occurred, I doubt very seriously that you’d have a problem from the fly. What I mean by that is that if the fly drowned or was killed by some other (nontoxic) means and deposited in the cup, then there’s probably no problem. But if something in the coffee killed the fly, then it’s the coffee itself that could hurt you, too.

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Mocha with whipped cream and a fly on top? lol

Nah…a little dog poo or dead mouse on the that flies feet most likely will pass right through you.

I drank an ant in my coffee this morning, they got into my bowl of sugar cubes.

Bitter little things. :-D

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Probably not. That is just the sort of thing your immune system is designed for.

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Ahhh, you had a little extra protein in your coffee this morning unexpectedly. Unless you mentally make yourself sick thinking about it, you won’t get sick from one fly.

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It’s either a visit to the hospital or go shopping for one of these hehe

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Are you sure it’s dead? Did you try any CPR at all before writing this question?

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Under the orange tree.

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Extremely unlikely, especially when it’s a fruit fly. They are harmless creatures. Unlike meat flies they don’t feed on putrefied meat.

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What concerns me is how it got to the bottom of the cup without being noticed beforehand. I have never seen a fly (of any kind) land in a cup and not stay afloat. Please tell us that this wasn’t made with instant coffee.

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