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Can you put an adult child on your car insurance policy, even if the title to the car is in their name?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) June 9th, 2011

Or is it that if the car is in their name, they have to have a separate insurance policy as well?

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KatawaGrey has her own car, in her name, but my policy covers us both. We have Progressive and we live in CT. Does that help?

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@JilltheTooth In a million lurve kinda way, you sexy beast!

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It is fairly easy it you both live in the same state. If you live in different states, you would need insurance that meets the minimum acceptable standards in both states, and is licensed in both states.

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I’m an adult. I own my own home (well, the mortgage) and 2 vehicles and my dad is the same. We pooled together in one Hartford policy that gives us discounts for 2 houses and 4 vehicles. Downside was that his CDL violation had an effect on our auto rate until I specifically excluded him as a driver on my vehicles. After 3 years, I added him back and we got an even bigger discount.

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My insurance company requires only that he address for vehicle registration are the same.

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A similar question has come up before here. I called my car insurance carrier to see what they had to say about it. The agent’s response was that as long as the owner of the car had insurance on the car, it didn’t matter who was driving in the case of an accident.

Last year, Mom relinquished her driver’s license when her eyesight got so bad that she knew she would be a risk behind the wheel. She hired a service that would take her on errands once a week. They always took Mom’s car. While out on an errand, they were in a minor accident. Mom’s insurance company covered the cost of repairing the damages, even though this unrelated woman was driving it. (She uses a different carrier than I do.)

The only scenario I know where other possible drivers need to be added to the insurance policy is during a transaction for a rental car. It’s worth a call to your insurance carrier to find out what their policy is.

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