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Are hard iPod cases always going to be difficult to take off?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21413points) June 9th, 2011

I have just recently gotten an iPod Touch and I am looking at cases on amazon. It seems that the ones I like have reviews that say they are very difficult to get off. Will this be the case with every hard case that I get or are these ones the exception to the rule?

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My experience is they are hard to get off. It always seems like I am risking damaging the device. Same with the iPhone.

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Thanks @josie. That’s what I figured but I wasn’t sure. Silicone cases for me!

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@KatawaGrey Good decision. Keep everything as simple and as reversible as is possible.
Will you forgive me for pissing you off about Lady Gaga? I would not have brought it up if I thought you get upset about it.

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I got this case for my iPod Touch 3G and it works great. It protects the ipod really well, including a built-in screen protector, and it’s not hard to take off. They have a 4gen model now. $18–24 is a great deal too for a solid case. The case I bought for my old iPod classic 5+ years ago was $40. (one thing to be aware of is that the case limits the size of the headphone jack so if you use headphones with a lot of plastic around the plug they won’t fit. anything the size of the ipod headphones or slightly bigger will fit. That’s my only complaint about the case though. I’d suggest reading the reviews on Amazon first and see if it’s really what you’re looking for.)

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@Aqua: Oh, wow. I actually just ordered a bunch of accessories but I may invest in that one in the future. Thank you!

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Case-mate Barely There case is recommended by me. It’s really thin but not floppy, the name is appropriate.

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I had been using a flexible silicone case on my iPhone but even the well made ones (Belkin, in my case) get to be too floppy over time, especially the thin area around the recharging port. And some are too bulky to allow for using with a docking station. They also let in a lot of lint so I usually had to take if off about once a week and thoroughly wipe down both the phone and the inside of the case with a damp cloth.

And then about six months ago the Incipio Feather was on sale at Radio Shack and I’ve never looked back. It’s a hard case but very very thin (yet super strong) and flexible enough to allow me to just slip a fingernail under one corner and pry it off much more easily than I would have expected.

I’ve tried lots of other hard plastic cases and returned every single one for a variety of different problems. Everything from earphone port blocking to interference with docking to impossible to get off.

But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FEATHER. The Belkin now sits unused. This co. has done an excellent quality job with the machining and design of this case and I now fully understand why there were such rave reviews about it when it first came out several years ago. I’ve honestly never heard or read of any complaints about it.

It’s truly the most unobtrusive case I’ve ever seen. It’s so thin and light that it’s the next best thing to a naked iPhone. It does a good job of maintaining the aesthetics of the iPod and iPhone design.

Check out some of the reviews for yourself. And if you want to try one out, Radio Shack is very good about their returns policy. But I seriously doubt you’ll find yourself wanting to return it (unless you’ve found a better price afterwards)

The Feather is a high quality case which really lives up to it’s price and reputation.

And, no, I don’t work for Incipio

I’m just a very satisfied user.

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Thanks for asking this, @KatawaGrey , as I’ll probably have the same issue when I get an iPhone. And @Buttonstc , thanks to you also, as I practically live at Radio Shack I love that they have so many tiny shiny things! so your post will be very helpful. I guess my future Q will be more along the lines of “I’m an idiot…how do I make a call on this thing???”

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Fortunately for idiots like me and you, Apple has provided a solution. And it’s free. I’ve usually only had a wait time of less than 5 mins. and they don’t outsource this to another country where fluency in English is problematic, to put it mildly.


I have frequently called with all sorts of Qs both large and small.

Another good resource for finding out about cases (for both of you) is YouTube. There are tons of usually well done case review videos so you can get an idea of exactly how it works rather than just a pic. It’s a live demo of each different case. It was extremely helpful for me since I had several definite criteria in mind which were impossible to determine from just a picture of the case.

I’ll just list a few of my favorite reviewers.
Larry Greenberg Very fair and concise and has done this for years. Posts under his own name.

Uncletone99 a Canadian guy so his price quotes will vary slightly. But is comprehensive and, like Larry, gets to the point and is quite fair about advantages/disadvantages of each product.

Carlos posts under the SN of
“itsmemorphious” (watch the spelling as there’s someone else using a similar name but different spelling and doesn’t do phone case reviews. )

Similar to the other two, Carlos has been doing reviews for years and also reviews other tech stuff as well.

He also does quite a bit of further research and usually uses most of his review cases for a decent length of time.

His vids tend to be longer than the other two guys so be patient. But it’s definitely worth it. He has an amazing amount of product knowledge.
Obviously there are a lot more review vids that will come up when you enter the term “iPhone/iPod case reviews” into the YT search but I tend to look for the screen names of these guys and I’ll read their reviews first. All three have been doing these reviews for years so they make quality vids without some of the goofups as others.

They do many times receive products for review sent to them without charge from various companies (as do book reviewers) but I’ve found them to be quite even handed. If something has flaws or disadvantages they will point them out.

Who knew YouTube could come in so handy? I have watched reviews for all sorts of products and accessories when contemplating a purchase. More often than not, they have saved me both time and money.

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