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I'm sure this has been asked a bunch, but What (iPhone 4) case would you suggest?

Asked by Axemusica (9467points) July 3rd, 2010

I definitely want to get one since I’m eligible, but my main concern is where I work. It’s filled with dirt, grim, grease and chances of the iPhone getting smacked real hard. I know there’s the otterbox Defender, but I can’t stand the screen protector that comes built into the case. Any suggestions?

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The iSkin Revo 2 is pretty hardcore. It’s just not out for the 4 yet . . . I don’t know if you can wait, but it’d be worth it. And it has an option protector for the front, but if you don’t like it you can just leave it at home.

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Yes, the question has been asked already, very recently in fact- but I will provide to you, the same link I gave to them.

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@rpmpseudonym I’m aware the question was asked, but theirs was not specific in the least of what they were looking for out of the case. In my situation, I’d like it to help my iPhone last in these conditions. See how they’re actually quite different questions?

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The link I provided, two of the cases completely cover all of the phone, instead of just having a clear film covering for the screen (which for your circumstances, would not suffice). With metal fixtures on the case. Those look like good options from that company.

Although it’s too late, knowing your work conditions ahead of time, maybe you should have opted for a more durable phone & not one with a large glass touch screen. Here is a cnet review of ‘durable cell phones’, a couple look like they could take a hell of a beating, even with no case on it. Just for future references.

You already X’ed out my other option, Otterbox, which no doubt they provide some amazing protection. So if you can’t find a tough case, I would say dealing with a troublesome screen protector, but having great overall protection is better than finding a less tough of a case with better screen protector. Hope you find what you are looking for.. good luck. I know what it’s like to worry about new tech. getting damaged. I didn’t open my new iPod until I had found a case to put it in.

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@rpmpseudonym I’ve already had my 3G for 2 years before getting into this field of dirty and possibly hazardous to a phone “with a large glass touch screen”, but I’m already addicted, lol. I couldn’t imagine any other phone. It’s not that I ruled out the otterbox, it’s just the screen protector that comes on it is not appealing. My finger sticks to it and it gives off a kind of rainbow effect I’ve noticed. The protector I have on my 3G is perfect, but I know that the otterbox’s isn’t removable. Also I wasn’t digging the “flip” style face of those cases, although the metal insides is a nice touch.

@mrrich724 do those cases come with a screen protector built in? Would you say they’re as durable, as say, the otterbox Defender?

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@Axemusica “My finger sticks to it and it gives off a kind of rainbow effect” I know exactly what you are talking about & man that is so frustrating.

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I’d say they are extremely durable. Thick rubber. The screen protector isn’t built in. It’s a thick piece of plastic (comparable to maybe a thin piece of plexiglass)

You take it off, and the back is conveniently shaped to cradle that shield while it’s not protecting your screen. At first it can be a little annoying to have that extra step of taking off the shield and putting it on the back just to take a call or something, but if you really have “stuff” to protect it from, I think it’s a really good option.

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Trust me. The air jacket on eBay costs about $9 and is perfect. If yr like me and hate cases you’ll love this one. So thin. More comfortable than with out it. Covers entire back. Free shipping. Give it a try. U really won’t regret it.

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I’m looking for a case right now for my Eris, and I had a really nice one for my iPod Touch. I did quite a bit of research on them. The case I had was made by Incipio, and I really really liked it. Right now I am looking at Seidio, though it appears they don’t have anything for the new iPhone yet.

You can always just browse this and see what you can find.

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No one has mentioned Speck’s Toughskin. They haven’t released the iphone4 yet, but it is on the way.

Otterbox has fixed the screen bubbling and rainbow problem with the Defender. Still, some people don’t like the feel and exacto-knife the screen out and keep a screen protector of their choice on the glass.

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