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What's a good free e-journal software program for Ubuntu / Linux?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) June 9th, 2011

I’m envisioning a blog type format that shows a preview of the text you type in a text box, and allows you to save a dated page and then flip through images of the pages like an e-book, or click on a date on a calendar to go directly to a specific dated entry. Also with search function, of course, and some kind of password protection. Does something like this exist? It must?

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If you want a blog, it’s easy to make one. Certainly if you wish a private blog this is easily done by installing WordPress or similar.

If you are looking for a native (i.e. non-Web-based) application that does the same thing I must say I don’t know of any app in the Ubuntu repositories that does what you want. This does not mean it isn’t there. There are more than 35000 different programs in Ubuntu’s repos, and I am not familiar with all of them.

You might try asking the Ubuntu forums. There are literally thousands of Ubuntu users sharing knowledge there.

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I don’t exactly have an idea what kid of application you mean, I’m not sure whether I’ve ever heard of anyone wanting to do this, which makes the odds of there being such an application smaller.

Do you have an example of a similar application for another platform than Ubuntu?

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I saw someone in a class with a program open that looks like a notebook (lined “paper”, spiral “binding”) using the program to take notes. This is kind of what I’m looking for in terms of aesthetic. I’d like to be able to flip pages rather than scrolling up and down, paste screenshots on to the pages, type in rich text, insert “post-its” and tabs, etc. Basically everything you can do physically with a real notebook but on my desktop (not online) instead. The reason is I spend a LOT of time on the internet and always have like 200 windows open at once. If I could just screenshot and paste (or even better, “grab” and drop) into virtual notebook some of the things and add a note and search tags I’d be able to find things much easier. Bookmarks never worked for me, and maintaining a real notebook would mean having a printer, glue stick, and lots of pens.

Here is something that looks like it can do the screenshot thing but no Linux support and I’m not sure if it has a ‘notebook’ storage function. This one seems to have the basic functions I’m looking for, although it could be improved upon I think, but not the aesthetic. Does that help better define what I’m looking for? It’s kind of tough to describe in words.

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Here’s a screenshot of a mac version of what I’m lookin for. Oh, and being able to Wacom board in handwriting would be sweet, too.

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You might have a look at this list:
I didn’t see anything there that was a whole lot like the Circus Ponies’ Notebook (the program of which you posted the screenshot) but I didn’t look too hard. I figure you know your requirements better than I do.
You also might look into Evolution (installed with Ubuntu by default) or Chandler.

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I don’t really use a program like tis but it sounds a bit like StuffKeeper (which isn’t that great in terms of aesthetics though).

Perhaps The Board also does what you look for – it doesn’t have a stable release yet I believe, so your mileage may vary, but it does look really good.

You might also want to take a look at a list of EverNote alternatives. Especially Xournal from that list looks promising.

And perhaps Tomboy, included by Ubuntu by default, will also do what you want. I’d recommend you to open up the Ubuntu Software Center and search for “note taking” or something like that anyway :)

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@koanhead Thank you for all the suggestions.
@Vincentt I’m going to try out The Board. Sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!

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