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How much do you go to a doctor ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 9th, 2011

I’m not talking about people being addicted of seeing or being nearby doctors. And not talking about people who have imaginary sicknesses.

Per general you do your monthly check-ups or only go to a doctor when you notice there’s something wrong with you ?

Be nice and try not to flame each other please.

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I go about every four months. Other than that only if I have to which is rare.

Why would people not be nice about this and flame each other?

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Like… once a year.

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I had my first standard adult checkup this year. I thought it was time to get blood work and all that checked on before I started having kids.

I count 6 other times I’ve been because I’m injured or sick in the last 15 years.

I’ve avoided it partially because of a lack of insurance for a long time, and partially because they don’t seem to have a lot of answers unless I can point to where it hurts.

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I have blood tests about once every 6 months, and a doctor exam yearly. I occasionally visit the clinic to an ear cleaning, and I visit the eye doctor once a year.

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Not often. I’d say once a year for check-ups and any other time something’s wrong (like when I had strep or that ear problem last year, etc.)

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Every 5 years or so.

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I don’t have health insurance. Unless it feels as though there is something seriously wrong with me, I’m not going. There is rarely anything wrong, though. The last time I went was nearly three years ago when I was suffering from migraines. However, I am overdue for an appointment since I am in a relationship now. There’s a health center on campus so maybe I can get away with not paying anything.

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I see a neurologist every 2 months. I had brain tumors for several years. I have one dormant one left that they like to peek at once in a while.

I only see my family doctor when something is seriously wrong (I pretty much need to be dying) or when my perscription needs refilling.

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Once in a blue moon

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Not much. Maybe once a year or nothing at all.

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I go at least once a month because I need to talk about my mental health and get my prescriptions and Meds changed or adjusted. I rarely go for illness because I hardly ever get seriously sick. I see a doctor or emergency room 1–5 times a year for injuries usually related to skateboarding. Broken fingers, X-rays for sprained or broken bones usually being ankles, ribs, and cracked and absessed tailbones, and stitches.

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Other than for mandatory physicals, twice in the last 31 years.

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I go every 3 month for lab work, not seeing the doctor for an appointment though.

Endocinologist about twice a year.

GYN once a year, with the exception of years I try to address again a chronic problem I have. Sometimes I go for years just living with it, and then some years I try again to do something about it and might see the GYN 6 times in one year, or a related doctor.

Derm about once every 3 years, I know I should go more often.

GP maybe twice every 5 years.

Gastro once every 5–7 for a coloscopy. This last time I did not even have an office appointment before hand, just had the procedure.

Cardiologist twice, not counting a follow up appointment with one, in the last 10 years. Probably will see one again within the next year or so.

Going forward I will start getting more regular check ups for my eyes because glaucoma runs in my family, but previously I was not regular about it at all. The firstbtime I was dialated I was in my 30’s when I knew my sight was changing a little, and it took me someying like 3 years of knowing my sight changed to even make it into the doctors office for it. I have had it done again twice since, so twice more in 8 years.

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Mine asks me to come in every two years or so. Otherwise, never.

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Once a year and recently had the very eventful 50 year style check up. :(

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About once every 4 months to get my allergy meds scrip. Once a year for a check-up.

free health care can be a wonderful thing

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I only go when I need to: a few times a year.

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The once a year checkup, female tests. Occasional sinus infection.
Get a flu shot in the fall.

Hell, I spend more on my animals health care than my own. In the last year I have had a goose with a sprained leg that required therapy and medications, lost my old cat after a lengthy illness last year, just spent another $800 on my latest poor kitty that I had put down Tuesday night.

I spend about $2k a year on the pets and about $200 on myself.

I was joking with my housecall farm vet the other night when she was here for the sad moment, ” Hey, any kitty Xanax for me”?...Just multiply the dose by 13 for every 10 lbs. of body weight. haha

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Only when I need to. I’ve never been to a doctor if I didn’t have a problem, no routine checks for me. I hate going to the doctors and often it makes me feel worse after paying a visit to the surgery/hospital. I’ve recently had to go to the hospital a lot though, due to my ankle, but otherwise I avoid going the doctors.

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Way, way, way too much.

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Never. My last doctors visit was probably like…6 years ago for a physical in 9th grade I bet.

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To the GYN once a year for the annual female check-up. To my primary care physician when I’m sick. (Or the twice that I’ve had my cholesterol and blood sugar checked.) To the eye doctor once a year. I’m waiting for the year that I can only go to the dentist twice. Typically, that’s at least 3 times a year because of cavities or broken bits.

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Probably twice a year.

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I don’t think I’ve needed to go to the doctor since I was ten years old…

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I had my annual checkup yesterday. I need to see and ENT and the sleep doc now. I’m also supposed to start following the weight watchers program. I had a lot of blood tests for all kinds of things. And an EKG.

Well, that’s once a year. Then I see therapists and other specialists as recommended. Don’t know if they count. I might see the doctor one or two other times a year besides the annual checkup.

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As little as I can, but at least once every 2 years. I also deliberately avoid prescriptions of any sort for minor ailments, preferring the body’s resilience to fight this and build up my stamina.

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Very, very seldom. Everything works out by itself in the end.

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I am a little disturbed some women are saying they never go. If you have been sexually active, you should be going at least once ever couple of years for pap smear tests. Please don’t put these off. A very, very close relative of mine finally went for one of these tests (despite me educating her) and found she had abnormal cells and had to have surgery as a response. Nobody needs to go there if they just go for their two yearly, or annual if that is appropriate where you are, tests.

After this experience, I spoke to girlfriends and I was horrified to find out some had not had a pap smear test for 20 years and their doctor had not suggested it. If you are a sexually active woman and you are not being asked to have this test when you go to the doctor, get a new doctor. Men, if you are over 50, have you had a PSA test?

Similarly, this week in Australia is Bowel Cancer Awareness week. Twelve people a day die from bowel cancer in Australia. There are tests that can be routinely carried out to make sure you and your bowels are healthy or if they aren’t you are getting treatment very early so you are here to talk to us for years to come. So, if you are over 40, ask your doctor about these tests.

We owe it to those we love to take steps to keep healthy. A simple appointment with the doctor every one or two years (whatever fits your age/gender) can make sure you are here fluthering for years to come. Make it your birthday present to yourself to book an appointment this year and get your cholesterol, your blood pressure and risk of diabetes checked along with the other things (and anything else that is appropriate) I have mentioned here checked off.

Stepping down from soap box.

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Monthly check ups? I thought it was yearly check ups? Once in a great while I go for a check up, and I’ve only gone 3 other times in my life for something that wasn’t a check up. Once when I was fishing with my dad and got a hook to the head. Another time when an overweight kid sat on and sprained my thumb. And the time when my brother launched me into the air with his feet and I whacked my chin on the floor and gushed blood.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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