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Thought- and shock-provoking article. I’m halfway through a Dalai Lama book which talks about being content with what you have or are offered (food, clothing, shelter) and devoting the rest of your energy to increasing happiness and decreasing suffering for others.

Not that I’m living this by any means. In fact, I’ve really gone backwards in that regard in the past year. But I’ve also needed to regroup.

My other thought is a degree of frustration or perhaps apathy I feel for countries mired with these problems when a good chunk of their misery is due to their unwillingness/inability to conduct better government.

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no. If they did it wouldn’t be the way it is.

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Very challenging to allocate any extra we may have been given by an accident of
timing or geography, because we think it’s normal. Dalai Lama has it right, but it takes consciousness and guts to remember. How to do so?
Flutheristas, what do you do?
I will answer this question after some other people have. I do a lot, but in a quirky way.

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more: and so I know I could do better, and I want more ideas.

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Good ICeskate and how is this manifested? That’s what I’m trying to learn about.

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were sitting here talking on fluther and they get so excited when they get an actual meal. Most people will walk by a homeless person and stare and point and say wrong things…. Well, trade lives with that person for a day and then see if you care about hobos

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So do you give them money? Or mainly give them some respect inside your brain?

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I live invthe suburbs so rarely do see them but if I did and was able to, I’d give money.

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So… you care but you don’t have an opportunity to act?

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ya bascially I try my best I’m still just a kid

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