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Which is the "best" case for an iPhone?

Asked by BirdlegLeft (811points) April 26th, 2008 from iPhone

When I bought the phone I threw on the anti-glare screen protector because I carry the damn thing in my front pocket. On impulse I bought a “rubberized” case while on vacation. Figured if I drop it the case my absorb part of the shock. But, the rubber sticks to everything, and in a month’s time the case is stretched out and looks like shit. Should I live with it? Try a hard case? I prefer black or clear, and would like to keep part of the good looks of the phone itself. How ‘bout those made by Agent 18?

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I have one of these . The clear one, but I painted it passion pink, since I couldn’t find a hard case in the right colour.
So far it’s worked out very well for me, I still have full access to the screen (unlike with some leather cases I’ve seen) and all buttons, except the SIM ‘drawer’.

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I also have an Agent 18 and love how simple yet protective it is. I’ve dropped the phone on concrete from standing position and it was totally fine [knocks on wood]. It’s also made of recycled plastic, whatever that’s worth.
The incase slider looks very similar, but it’s glossy, and will probably look scratched in no time.

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Agent 18..hands down. This case isn’t bulky..fits nice in your hands and pockets..very durable.

+1 peedub

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I love the agent 18, and just got the incase slider for my wife. They are exactly the same size, but I would go for the agent 18.

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Plus, it’s what the kiddos at the Apple store were using, if that’s any indicator.

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I had the Agent 18 until my iphone was stolen. Now I have the incase slider in black. I like it a lot more. Its glossy, which looks nice, doesn’t scratch too easily, and has added protection with the rubber guardrails. I found that the agent 18 scratched my iPhone badly on the back and sides, wheras the incase does not. Overall, incase FTW.

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See? I knew one person was going to report scratching. But, even so, I’m going to order an Agent 18 from Amazon this week.

Thanks for everones’ input. I appreciate it.

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I’m pulling your birdleg when I say that I like it.

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Um, peedub, I’m going to ask you to step away from the “birdleg.”

I think I may have flip-flopped. The Incase Slider looks slightly more appealing to me. And, I like the fact it has the rubberized “rails” on the inside to help protect against shock.

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Yeah, how do you like it? I read about the rubberized rails and am considering switching. The chrome on my phone seems to be getting a bit marked up.

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I don’t have it yet. But, I’m pretty certain it’s the one I’ll buy. It kind of kills me that it costs $34 freakin’ 95. I did a bunch of looking around today and couldn’t find a deal anywhere. In fact, on eVan people were selling them for a good ten or fifteen more than the Apple store. Which I simply do not understand.

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I think your making a good decision, especially since ezra has had both. I like where the incase slides apart vs. agent 18. I may have to upgrade, I just wish they made matte finish, but whatevs.

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I think the matte finish may be in the works. But, don’t hold me to it. Did you check their website?

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Not lately. I wouldn’t let it hold me back though. Judging from the picture, it looks as though the lip on the incase might be a tiny bit higher, which will add more protection. My case is getting a little thrashed so I might have to give it a whirl. I can just buy a different color as part of my rational.
Look at this beater.

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word up on the inCase.

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@peedub, that case reminds me a bit of the “Otter.” Well, not quite that heavy-duty I suppose.

@ezra, I’m pretty much sold on the Incase. Unless they have clear, I guess I’ll end up with black. Which isn’t a bad second choice.

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I think an aluminum shell like the Korean case would be bad ass if it had the rubberized inside the incase had.

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