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Do you photograph your food?

Asked by Bellatrix (21307points) July 19th, 2012

I just read this quite amusing article about photographing food.

I don’t do this but I have noticed other people doing this when I have been out to lunch or dinner. This article suggests people also photograph their own cooking experiments too.

Do you photograph your food? If so why and what sort of food is worthy of capturing and sharing or saving for reflection upon later?

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I have never snapped a picture of food.. I’m a big foodie, but I don’t need pics.

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I do constantly. GQ.

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Ha ha! Funny question. I just did that twice today. LOL I don’t usually but I was bored and decided it would be a nice thing to do for those days I can’t decide what I want to make or eat. Then I can scroll down my pics and pick one that looks the most appealing to me.

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For those that belong to a cooking or travel website, where photographs are encouraged, it makes sense that more people are doing this.

When my niece goes on a cruise, takes 1000 photos including food, and then posts them on Facebook, it’s not so great.

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For special feasts—Thanksgiving or Christmas, where we lay out the best china and all that, we might photograph the food and the assembled hordes at the same time. My daughter also sometimes documents her food creations, but often that is because it is a requirement for a class. When she made chocolate mole, she videoed the whole thing, plus took some still photos.

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Yes! I photograph food quite often. I use to bake and sell cakes for weddings, birthdays, and special events. So I have lots of pictures of them. I also photograph foods that I prepare (especially when I’m proud of it). I love taking pictures of foods on the the grill and our Thankgiving Day feast.
I never take pictures of food that I’m eating at a resturant.

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I do it all the time. I’m always posting photos on my FB page for my friends and relatives, either dishes from restaurants that I’ve been to or food that I’ve made.

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Well it is obviously even more popular than I imagined! Perhaps this is one of the offshoots of mobile phones with cameras. Food journaling. Thank you everyone!

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A lot of people seem to be doing it lately, especially to post on the various websites where the users can “review” a restaurant. I like that I can at least see what was put in front of the person doing the bitching. :)

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My husband made bread yesterday. A loaf, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. I photographed all of his beautiful and delicious creations. I wanted to share the experience with our friends who gave us the starter for the bread.

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No, never yet.

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I think @johnpowell is sorting out his favourite food shots on his Flickr page to share with us.

I went to lunch with some colleagues a couple of weeks ago and one of the people pulled out their phone before eating and starting capturing the food moment. My daughter has also photographed the first steak cooked on her new bbq. I agree it’s a nice way to capture a family occasion, or a special meal someone prepared for you or that awful (or fabulous) meal at a restaurant to share with would be diners.

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I haven’t yet. We’ll see…

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Sometimes, on occasions where the food looks exceptionally well laid out, or contains extras from what is normal (like Bloody Marys that have more that just a celery stick and olives.)

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Only for spectacular looking dishes, like a beautiful appetizer platter in China that was arranged in the form of a picture of a peacock. The few I’ve taken of things I’ve made at home, were not as gorgeous as I thought at the time..
I also collect menus from very special meals whether in a restaurant or that I made at home. I’m still impressed with those.

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I do because I own a catering business. So – yeah – duh lol.

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My brother considers himself to be quite a gourmet, so occasionally I will take a photo of something that will interest him. But yes, there are frequently pics of someone’s tea on facebook and it always makes me wonder a bit????

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I have photographed mistakes or dishes that were usual.

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I’ve photographed meals I’ve made that I was pleasantly surprised by, like when I tried a new recipe for the first time, or made one up, and it went really well. I don’t have facebook or anything like that, so I barely share them with anyone. They are just souvenirs for myself.

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Personally, I’ve always photographed cakes at birthdays and the occasional Thanksgiving spread.

I started photographing food professionally five years ago when began working for a farm. If you knew me on Facebook, you might be familiar with my images.

As I am no longer with the farm, I’m afraid my foodie-photoging is non-existent.

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No I don’t, but I do sometimes re-enact famous scenes from movies.
Just the other day I fought one of the battles in Braveheart utilsing meatballs & root vegetables…...“ye cannae tek our freedom” I yelled, the potatoes wore a frown of defeat.

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One of my FB friends apparently went to her boyfriend’s mom’s for Mother’s Day, and photographed the “spread” they brought: 4 bagels, OJ, bagel condiments. It was like “okaaaay, this is not something impressive enough to photograph!” But of course, I would never say that. :)

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That’s the basic content of at least two websites that I know of. And the first has an Apple as well as Android app making the whole process easier.

The wildly successful launched about a year and a half ago.

And then there’s it’s copycat cousin

I imagine there will be others like these coming along since I guess you can’t copyright the idea of a website composed primarily oof pics of food sans much else :)

Who would have thought ?

And let’s not forget about the tons and tons of food blogs out there. Merely having a bunch of text with recipes just doesn’t really cut it anymore.

I think Martha Stewart had a hand in this years and years ago :)

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@ucme I think your answer is just about the funniest thing I’ve heard on Fluther all week! I’m LOLing right now! GA GA GA

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I take pictures of the pretty cookies and desserts that I make at work.

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We do. I often explain that it is like our form of saying grace… we are expressing our gratitude and appreciation the the food we are about to consume. My finacé really enjoys cooking and is quite creative. Plus we’ve found local farms, so our at-home meals are after better than those we pay much more for at restaurants.

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@tedibear so just what kind of cookies are we talking about? Anybody else getting hungry? I think this train is about to derail…

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@Kardamom and @cprevite, three days a week I work as a baker. Many days I am the one who decorates the sugar cookies. Some with colored sugar and some with confectioner’s sugar frosting.

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Consider this train derailed! COOKIES! I’m down for some!

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Bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum, aye, aye, aye, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

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Cookies? Who said cookies? Cooooooookies yay!

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I think if you mention cookies, you should have to share. It should be a rule.

And thank you for the great (and funny) answers all.

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