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Where can I get a nice vacuum cleaner on the cheap? And which should I get?

Asked by andrew (16380points) June 13th, 2007

I need a grownup vacuum cleaner -- it's been too long with a barely-more-than-a-dustbuster vacuum. I need something that can deal with my profusely shedding shag carpet and my pet hair. I'm thinking maybe a dyson bagless? What do people suggest?

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Electrolux vacuum cleaners are great--and last forever. If you can find a used one, and it still has good suction, you can probably get years of continued good use from it. I saw one last year at a garage sale for $10. I have one that is 38 years old--and still working just fine.

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Electrolux used to rebuild their cannisters on the cheap. I have had one for 20 years

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Check it out online.

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Electrolux refurbished...more costly than when I bought mine, of course.

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Hey....did you receive my response to this question ? I wrote to you yesterday, thinking I was logged in.


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Get the kind your mother has.
I did.

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Well, I've got a Dyson Full-kit upright bagless;=kitchen&qid;=1182052508&sr;=1-8
that I would marry if it were a man. It's the first vacuum I've never had problems with - it's amazingly easy to take apart if there's a blockage somewhere, super easy to empty and it does a fabulous job cleaning. It's on the expensive side, but after going through 3 $125-150 vacuums in 2 years, it's already paid for itself.

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For all of you who answered... I got the Dyson Animal Hair model (DC14)... and it's amazing. I was able to vacuum my entire shag carpet (which filled the entire cannister with its shedding) and empty it out in a snap. I'm extremely pleased.

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I knew you would. You cannot beat a Dyson. They are AMAZING.

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