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Where can I buy healthy 3' tall banana plant that will ship them to my house?

Asked by jdogg (871points) April 26th, 2008

I love banana plants but for me there hard to grow whenthere so small

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Where do you live.? I cannot imagine what the postage would be on a tub of dirt large enough to hold a three foot banana tree (and that’s the key. It is a tree and will grow thru your roof if fed, watered, lit and sung to nicely.)

The only possibility is to find a local nursery who will deliver..collect your tax rebate first.

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Urm *they’re

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i livein illinios but i am going to put it in a pot and also i was planning to buy the hardy banana “basjoo” because its hardy for my area.

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The one I had started small and, if memory holds, grew too fast. I finally threw it away.

Any mail-order house will send you a little guy. Are you hoping to get bananas?

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both ya and no i want bananas and i want a hardy one too

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if you get a older plant just wack it off to about a foot tall then ship. The older ones grow back to there original size in a season. I cut my down each year and they grow back to about 12 feet each season. The babies grow back each year about 2 feet taller than the previous year.

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