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Do you know any good site for programming tutorials in English and Serbian?

Asked by Milos (16points) June 13th, 2011

I am interested in programming in C,C#,C++,Pascal,Delphi,web programming etc. If you know any good web site with tutorials please write in the comment. sorry for my bad english :)

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(Sorry, I don’t but welcome to fluther. And we should only speak Serbian as well as you speak English).

I hope the programmers here will chime in.

funkdaddy's avatar (the “official” PHP site) has an incomplete version of their manual in Serbian at the link below. It tries to mirror the English version on the main site but I’d guess isn’t updated as often. It may get you started though.

That’s the most complete one I’m aware of, hopefully others will have more.

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The documentations of the following languages and frameworks are almost all you need for web development.

Django (Python framework)
Pylons/Pyramid (Python framework)

Ruby on Rails
Sinatra (minimalistic Ruby framework)

PHP (as mentioned above by @funkdaddy)
CakePHP (A PHP framework is not needed since PHP is a framework, but this extends its features and possibly ease of coding.)


You should not try to learn them all. In fact, knowledge of a single framework and its language should be all you need. Of course, you should know your way around client-side languages.


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the question seemed to call for Serbian language guides, any ideas there?

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thank you guys :)

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