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Would you hate working in a place, like a jail, where they have cameras on you all the time?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40073points) June 13th, 2011

Especially when it turns out you’ve got a ‘skeeta bite in an…odd place.

We do so many things when we think we’re alone that we just wouldn’t do otherwise. Like scratch ‘skeeta bites in odd places…

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I work in a school, we have cameras on us all the time. I have no problems with it.

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I work in a group home. I am on camera everywhere but the bathroom. I forget they are there, all the time. But trust me, no one looks at those tapes unless there is a problem. They aren’t looking for you to scratch your ass.

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I work as an actress and a musician. It’s great to have privacy when writing and composing songs… but as an actress, THERE ARE CAMERAS ON ME ALL THE TIME! Haha. And I guess I’m okay with that lol

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I think that human experience being what it is, I would soon forget that there were camera watching me.

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Yes. I hate being under camera. We didn’t need them before they became so cheap and they became so common. We don’t need them now. I think they’re an offense against privacy and human dignity. Where needed, they ought to be required to be made to look like a full-size human head, and if the head is a law officer, the head ought to have a police hat on it. Cameras just stuck somewhere ought to be fair game for jokes, insults, flashing, vandalism and destruction. In my opinion.

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I worked for a bank and never gave the cameras a second thought. Where I wouldn’t want to work is anywhere there are cameras in the bathroom. (Which includes some banks’ main cash vaults.) That would make me uncomfortable.

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i dont mind cameras, but i dont want to work at a jail.

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I wouldn’t like it. They installed cameras in my high school during my last year there, and I thought about them every time I stepped out into the hall. I’m glad they weren’t installed sooner!

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Pretty much everywhere I’ve worked has a camera system. Libraries, fast food, schools, department stores, a lot of places have them. It’s pretty simple to figure out the cameras’ blind spots when it’s crotch-scratchin’ time :) Customers, however . . .

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When I worked in retail there were cameras on me all the time. You are at work, it’s not like it is a private place whether there is a camera or not. I guess if you have your own office you can close the door, but I rather be out in public myself. I have worked in both circumstances, offices and public places.

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Cameras would be the last thing on my mind if I’m working in a prison.

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I already work in a place where there are cameras monitoring all the time. It’s no big deal as long as you don’t have a sudden urge to pick your nose or dig your panties from up your rear.

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Cameras are everywhere in the police business. Its something you get use to. Many times, police cameras have saved police officers from false accusations from the public.

And, if you have to scratch…...just do it.

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Hahaha I wouldn’t mind at all, if there were some in the restrooms, I wouldn’t shave for weeks and scar security for life by showing my out of whack bush… and putting them to shame. lol

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Nah! why to mind…its okay if an employer wants to keep a watch on his workforce. This is just to maintain discipline and whatever is for good, I stand by that thing and yes if I have to scratch or do something that I don’t want anyone to know even the camera, there are many other places that I can go for such things during the break.

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@Michael_Huntington : ). It’s a county jail. Not a prison!

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I had a friend who worked in a bank. She told me that one time she had a cold, and kept a hanky in her pocket for her runny nose. Management came and reamed her out because they thought she was stealing…because her hand was always going to her pocket to use her hanky. She was ticked because she never stole anything.

Cameras don’t always help you out.

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