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Do you Fluther and drive?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) April 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I find it hard to resist at work mostly, but I do look and answer at stop lights. Not driving.

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Probably isn’t the best idea, no.

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I can’t Fluther and subway because I don’t get reception.

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I have fluthered while driving and I have had to discipline myself not to. Part of the reason is because I am addicted to my iPhone more than anything. I find myself checking my mail, fluther, and weather at stop lights, and I have been known to read while driving but never typing. It doesn’t happen too often anymore as my phone does not have the same appeal as it did when it was newer.

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For the first time ever I’m pleased there are no iPhones in Australia yet… I have no intention of being run down by someone getting busy with CoverFlow!

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That would be illegal :-x

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NOKHFYKKKbvddhnk5588. Jugddrdjkl&!;¥¥€ghjvk but then I opnhvcd bjfx bfg. Ok.

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@blunckhouse (off topic) are those vw rims in your icon?

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Oh, how times change. The last time I got a traffic ticket was when I was reading a book and driving and ran a red light.

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@gail- Ever read (a book) and walk?

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That I can’t do…too clumsy. (I can, however, knit and watch a movie or TV. Of course, the sweater usually will fit only an gorilla.)

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*that would be “a” gorilla. I was going to write “an orangutan” but couldn’t remember how to spell it.

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Absolutely not.
1. I’m too easily distracted, I just know I’d cause an accident.
2. It’s illegal.
3. I can’t get EDGE to work properly.

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@Fallstand: Yes, from my old Jetta, two cars ago.

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