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Do you like to help people?

Asked by seperate_reality (391points) June 17th, 2011

Are you the type of person who goes out of their way to help other people or do you feel each person should only help themselves and let other people fend for themselves?

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It’s not one or the other with me.
I help when I want to,not on demand.

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I have spent hours writing simple software to help people here. I help if I can. And I don’t really mind giving out spare change. 50 cents means more to them than it does to me.

edit :: But I turn into a raging dick if you pester me for more.

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I help when I think I can.

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As I get older, I find I can’t do anything other than try and help.

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I enjoy helping people, but I usually don’t go out of my way to do so.

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Frankly, it depends if I feel I can get something out of helping them.

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King_Pariah , are you saying, that you help others to help yourself? I know a couple of people who help others, so they can get more good karma points. That is why I asked.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty selfish, but then I just embody how I see humanity.

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I spend a lot of my life trying to help people. I offer a lot of different kinds of advice—from personal to professional. I have helped people turn their lives around. I have helped people believe in themselves and believe it is possible to be loved. I have helped people cope with mental illness. Job hunting, writing, dealing with feelings of poor self-worth; dealing with death; helping people understand themselves and gain insights. I do all that and more. Most of it for free.

Other people help me, too. My wife, my friends, my kids. My therapists and other medical professionals.

Why do I do it? Well sometimes people appreciate it. I like seeing them do better. Sometimes I get thanks. Sometimes people become aware that I exist. A few will like me. Of those, some may even want to spend a little time with me. That’s the best. But it’s also its own reward, just knowing that some people are better off.

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wundayatta, that is good you are making a difference. It’s a reward in itself to see good results of your help.

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Imadethisupwithnoforethought, i’m not old or young, but for some odd reason, the people I want to help would rather help me instead. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

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I love to help people.

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@seperate_reality I completely get what you are saying. I am going to give you a great answer in a sec.

But as I get older, I look at the angry people, the nasty people, the withdrawn people, and I think to myself, they need my help more than anyone.

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Each person should only help themselves and let other people fend for themselves.

One risks being taken advantaged of when one helps another.

One promotes laziness when one helps another.

One rewards irresponsible behavior when one helps another.

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Yes, I like helping people.

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Helping people sure beats the alternative.

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I like helping people in need although, I haven’t done a good cause in a while. I’m looking into volunteering in my community this summer.

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I do help when I see someone who obviously needs help and will certainly help family in friends as they have done the same for me.

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Yes, very much.
I love to just do nice random things, like take something good I cooked to the neighbors or order pizza for my daughter and her boyfriend or give away money to people I encounter in need, like kids/adults that are only putting $3–4 dollars in their gas tanks when I am in line behind them or are short and have to put an item back, I almost always offer up the difference.

I was at my local market a few days ago ordering a bunch of takeout from the deli when a woman could only afford one beef rib. :-(

I told her to get a half dozen and I’d pay, she was very happy.

If anything I can be a little too generous, but, I have been on both sides of the financial fence and I am always on the lookout to make a difference in any way I can.

Infact just today I am considering surprising my daughter and her boyfriend with a half day white water raft trip through one of my local rafting companies.
They are on a tight budget and bummed out because they got a speeding ticket the other day, the first ever. :-(
Sooo, that cuts into the the summer recreation budget big time.
I want them to have some summer fun. :-)

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@Coloma And that is why I love you!

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I used to be that way but once I hit my 30’s then I found it a whole lot rewarding to help myself.

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Oh yes, must take care of oneself first, no co-dependent giving.Fill up your own tank and bank accounts first. lol

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@Coloma: That’s it. Also, not feeling any guilt to yourself first. That feel FANTASTIC! Farking social guilt, I had three decades too many of it, all the while not finding any security or fulfillment for myself.

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I’ll lend you 100 bucks if you need it, or give you a place to crash for the night. But for all your deeply emotional and psychological problems, you’re on you’re own. Sorry. I’ll listen if you want to share. But I can’t help in those types of areas, otherwise.
I like helping, how I can. People close to me, or even some random stranger, like a homeless guy who’s jonesing for a smoke. Just don’t expect me to fix anything. :/ There’s very little I can do, and I got my own shit to deal with, anyways. Selfish maybe, but eh what are ya gonna do. But yes, I do enjoy trying to help people out.
And I’m only admitting it cuz I’m drunk! :D

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Wise words and I agree!

Bowing to the slurpee guru. ;-)

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@Coloma Now I’m all reminded about how I gave my slurpee away to some guy in the alley who asked me if he could have it. XD You know about that story though. :D
And thanks. :) I’m no guru though, but I sure do love slurpees. And woe to who calls them slushies lol.

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I find I will try to find 8 ways out of 10 to say “I can help” before I look for 6 ways out of 10 to say “sorry, can’t help you.”

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@Symbeline What about Icees? Can you stomach those? Their logo is a big, cute white polar bear. They taste just like slurpees.

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I don’t think I know about those…but they remind me of these slurpees they sold at school in the cafeteria, although those had had a dog with a scarf, mitts and a hat on for a mascot. But I’d try Icees. The name sounds all cute lol.

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I don’t like helping people for the sake of helping them. I help people I like, as few as there are.

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I generally go out of my way to help people. I’ve been told I’m too generous. I don’t know; I just feel it’s my duty, as a human being, to help others in need.

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Yes I like helping people. I have always believed in lending a helping hand whenever and wherever I can.

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In general, I actually do enjoy helping people… most of the time.

However, there are some people that I see asking for help that I feel a compulsive need to fuck with, and there are days when I just feel like being an asshole to nearly everyone.

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Sure. If I can, I’ll help you.

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@augustlan And you do. Often : )

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