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What are your tastes in movies and music?

Asked by rockfan (12801points) June 19th, 2011

When it comes to my taste in movies and music, I’m all over the place. Although my favorite genre is blues, I also like everything from jazz, folk, R&B, classical, hard rock, alternative rock, rap, and punk.

As for movies, I love 40’s and 50’s movies, crime thrillers, animation, science-fiction, and fantasy. What about you?


Sunset Boulevard
The Third Man
All About Eve
Some Like It Hot
The Apartment
Raging Bull
Pan’s Labyrinth
Spirited Away
Let the Right One In

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I love blues,ragtime,rock,boogie woogie,jazz and some classical.
As for movies,I dislike most of them and view them as an opportunity to take a nap. :)
Just ask @Vunessuh :)

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Music, just about everything except Country and hardcore heavy metal.
Mostly oldies, 60’s-90’s rock, some classical, bluegrass, big band era, blues, a little jazz and ethnic, Caribbean, Reggae, native asian sounds.

Movies…Not big on stupid romantic comedy, and stupid teen comedy, otherwise, drama, action, westerns, suspense thrillers, some horror. My daughter and I love finding off the wall ‘B’ horror flicks. Classic old B&W vintage movies.

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Movies: Pretty much anything apart from rom-coms & “help me i’m losing the will to live” heavyweight dramas. I prefer comedies & action packed stuff though.
Music: Again i’ll listen to anything really, although turn on anything by Celine Dion & those similar to her & well…...i’m going to scweam & scweam & scweam until I am sick XD

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For me movies are assessed on quality, not genre. I won’t pay to see a teen slasher flick or 3rd biker sequel. But I am not otherwise choosy if the movie is highly recommended.

My taste in music is all over, like other peoples. I generally will switch the radio station away from country/western or gangster rap, and I am not into commercial pop, like Beyonce, Ke$ha, or Mariah Carey. But I am open minded to different genres-world, pop, jazz, rock, classical, fado, reggae, big band. if its good, I’ll listen.

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Music: Mostly Metal, some punk (Usually post or crust), rap (underground stuff and most things related to Wu Tang), Jazz, Blues and Classical.
Movies: It can range from splatter horror to slap stick to art house. Not so much into mainstream Hollywood fluff.

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Movies I like comedies, but not really dumb ones like Jim Carey movies, or hangover, I hate really stupid humor. Also, Dramas, sci fi, and stories that have a mystery element. I hate horror movies, I see no point in the, and I don’t like when there is an overload of violence.

Music I like dance music, the high energy stuff, Latin Pop, some classical, a little bit of old rock from my day, and I likemsome of the oldies but goodies, like some Elvis Presley, and others. Don’t like hip hop, rap, country, or jazz for the most part, but there is a song here and there I can tolerate or like.

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Music: Punk, rap, indie, Alternative rock, rock, emo, reggae, folk, country, blues, motown, classical, punk rock, pop rock, soft rock, soul, some R&B.
Movies: Not much of a fan, but usually if I watch something it will be comedy/action comedy/action or animation.

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Movies: Horror and indie hipster romantic comedies.

Music: Doo-wop, rockabilly, punk, horror punk, country, classical, indie… anything weird.

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Movies: Action, drama, a few romantic comedies, epics, coming-of-age tales, black comedies, westerns, crime dramas, thrillers, and cartoons.
Music: Classic rock, alternative rock, progressive/psychedelic rock, alternative hip-hop, electronica, baroque pop, hard rock, and some grunge.

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Have you ever seen ‘Otis’?
Hilarious horror spoof, & ‘Dead & Breakfast’?

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Music: I am also all over the place. I think most genres but the ones that I don’t seem to lean towards are those old bethoven classics, and 90’s music… though sometimes without even noticing I do find myself listening to such songs. Otherwise I really enjoy Rap, Punk Rock, alternative and such and not forgetting pop music.

Movies: I like romance, chick flicks, fast and furious, FAST CARS, comedies, sad movies… HOrror

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My taste in music has changed quite a bit over the years. I used to just enjoy alternative rock and some pop, but now I like almost everything. I’ve grown to love instrumentals especially, but I’ve also grown to love more country as well as a little bit of techno, jazz and hip-hop. I also listen to a lot of melancholy type stuff. Not emo rock music, just darker, grittier things like smashing pumpkins and “end of the world” music like muse.
I like music with a lot of sad emotion.

As far as movies go, I don’t usually watch romance, fantasy, westerns, action or sci-fi. I mostly enjoy dramas, psychological thrillers and documentaries. Comedy and horror every once in a while. A few of my favorites are Requiem For A Dream, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Best In Show, City of God, The Machinist, American History X and too many documentaries to name.

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@Coloma I love Dead and Breakfast, but I’ve never seen Otis. I’ll check it out!

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If the movie’s well made or sounds intriguing, I’ll enjoy it. As for music, if it isn’t rave music, I’ll enjoy it if it’s well made. My preferences, though, are progressive, psychedelic, mod, folk, punk and pop rock or classical, blues, jazz and ragtime.

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Well i like to listen pop music and folk music.
I like to watch action movies and love horror movies.

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Hey, @rockfan. Your movie preferences and your list exactly match mine.

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Cool, have you seen any good movies lately?

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