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What is this weird pain in my elbow?

Asked by tan235 (877points) June 19th, 2011

Hey Fluther Cats,

So this is weird,I have this weird pain in my elbow joint.
It hurts ONLY when I touch it, I’ve had it for about a week, seems a weird thing to go to the doctor about.
I can move my elbow fine, it doesn’t hurt at all but when I lay it on the table or touch it with my finger it feels as if it’s bruised.
It’s not.
Could it be from typing all the time?
I’m a musician so could it be a repetitive strain?
It’s flipping me out.

It’s pretty much just the main bone in my elbow and the one below it, they hurt when I touch them.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Maybe ‘Tennis elbow’ ? Without a check, impossible to say for sure.

Are you a sports person, have you done anything with that arm lately that has been stressful on the joints?

It could be anything, raking the yard, walking your dog, throwing a ball, lifting something heavy, anything.

It sounds like the joint or ligaments are strained. Try resting it, take Ibuprofin, maybe icing it and if it doesn’t feel better in a week or two, go to the doc.

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yeah, I am a musician so always carrying gear and playing guitar, I feel like I’ve banged it somewhere along the line but can’t remember, it’s just such a weird pain. And only to touch which is bizaree, but thanks @Coloma.

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Yep, well, there ya go! Maybe get a little old lady dolly cart or something. lol ;-)

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Oh, P.S. you could go get some elbow braces at a sports store. The slip on wetsuit material types or a wrap style with velcro.

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yeah i could but it only hurts to touch it so it’s a bit weird…. I think the lady dolly cart is a good idea, I’ve just had a birthday so maybe it’s just age!

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Maybe a tendon? Try to not strain it for a week, and see if the pain goes away. The problem with tendons is they take a long time to heal, and you might get competely free of pain, and then aggravate it again a couple weeks later, and be back where you started.

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Hey @JLeslie thanks…. I think that’s what it could be, it’s just damn weird.

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If it isn’t better in a couple weeks, and it does not feel muscular or tendon, maybe go to the doctor. You don’t feel any lumps or bumps there do you? All your other joints are ok right?

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This reminds me of a great joke. Hopefully it will be funny enough to not be branded “unhelpful”.

A blonde walks into a doctor’s office and wails, “Doctor, please help me! I hurt everywhere!”

The doctor realizes that this may be serious, so he rushes her into an exam room to check out the complaint. “Show me where it hurts exactly,” he requests.

She tells him again, “Everywhere! But here, I’ll show you.” She puts her right index finger on her left arm: “Ow!” She puts her finger on her hip: “Ow!” She puts her finger on her right leg: “Ow!”

As she’s about to continue, and ready to put her finger on her nose, the doctor takes her wrist gently and holds it, then he speaks. “I see the problem. Your right index finger is broken.”

Maybe that’s your problem?

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LOL I love blonde jokes, gotta be able to laugh at yourself
My own blonde joke, couldn’t figure out to open the bear proof dumpster at a campground once, joked they were blonde proof too, damn, I KNOW I am smarter than a bear!

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Hmm I had that, turned out o had a Staph Infection somehow! No X-ray will show that. Is it hot or warm when you touch it?? My advice is go to a doctor and do some blood work!!

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My elbow bones hurt- I assume it’s arthritis. For you, I would assume repetitive elbow!- tennis elbow if you’ve been playing lots. Hard to see a bruise on elbow skin but that’s quite likely, too.

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Hi tan235 – I found this thread via a google search for “weird elbow pain”. Your description matches what I have been experiencing for the last few weeks. It has been only my left, now my right is feeling a bit of it, but not to the same extent yet. I thought maybe it was due to my daily work in front of a computer/keyboard all day. But, this doesn’t seem so likely as I’ve been doing this for many years. The staph infection possibility is the best candidate so far. Any updates from you??

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