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Can I park a motorcycle on the sidewalk in San Francisco without getting a ticket?

Asked by Mike (42points) June 14th, 2007

I know the rules say you can't park on the sidewalk, but people seem to do it all the time. Do metermaids look the other way? Are the guidelines for getting away with this?

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I can't speak to S.F. specifically, but I have a scooter in another major city (Philadelphia) that I also park on the sidewalk, where I've learned some tricks to keep from getting tickets. It's not legal, but often Parking Authority people will turn a blind eye to it. However, are more likely to ticket you in a high foot-traffic area, if you leave it there for a long time, and if it's not on the curbline. I would also guess that if your motorcycle is quite large, it's more likely to get a ticket.

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No. The DTP will ticket you. And I don’t remember the exact amount, but it wasn’t cheap at all.

The SF DTP is some of the best in the world. They amaze me.

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