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What happens when you park at a BART station and forget to pay the parking fee?

Asked by camertron (2117points) September 1st, 2010

I just parked at the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station and (stupidly) forgot to pay the $1.00 parking fee. What kinds of repercussions will this have? Tickets? Towing?

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Probably get ticketed and/or towed.

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WOW, you are in my backyard and even I wondered that. I gues they would have to catch you 1st, I suspect they would want to tow you but it might just be a ticket with a hefty fine. You might get info on that of BART’s Web site.

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They have a license plate reader that automatically sends out a letter to the registered address of the car with the amount of the fine you must pay.

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now that you have your car back, did they fine you?
I’m curious to know myself how much that fee would be if I ever left my car there.

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Yeah, I got a $40.00 fine. Not huge, but I definitely learned something! I’ll never do that again! In my defense, the parking payment machines are on the other side of an elevator that blocked my view. Plus I was thinking of about 10 other things anyway. Ah well. It’s all water under the bridge at this point. Hopefully this question can service others and stand as a bit of a warning for those who accidentally (or on purpose!) don’t pay for BART parking. C’est la vie.

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