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Seattle Jellies: Can you point me to a website preferably local to you that tells where one can find temporary rentals for a friend and her family for three weeks in Seattle in July this year?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19727points) June 19th, 2011

I know it’s short notice, but I figure the U district must have some listings because of the transient nature of students. The course is on Westlake and Denny, but I’m pretty sure they’ll have a car. Any info is appreciated! Thanks.

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I mean “the course that my friend is taking for school”. Sorry if that was unclear.

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Contact the housing department of the University. They can help you. Sometimes faculty members take in boarders. There are many extended stay Residence Inns. We use Marriott because we have an executive account with them.

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Just so you know, the U District is nowhere near the intersection of Westlake Ave and Denny Way. Nearby residential areas to that intersection include South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne.

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@koanhead I would be very cautious in using Craigslist, many of the rental ads are actually phishing for e-mail address.

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@YARNLADY That’s true, but you should be cautious using any website.
If you want to find a short-term rental in Seattle, Craigslist is where people advertise.
Use a Mailinator or other anonymized address if you’re worried.

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@JilltheTooth Also, don’t forget to work the Craigslist forums- as people there might know of an unadvertised vacancy.

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I know they’re leery of Craigslist, that’s why I wanted locals who knew more. I know the district’s not near Westlake, I was thinking of it in terms of availability of transient student housing, and they will have a car. Thanks so much, guys, I’ll pass on your suggestions.
Just as an aside, is Ivar’s Lake Union Salmon House still any good? They have a young child and that was one of my favorite place to take my daughter when she was little.

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Yes, the Lake Union Ivar’s is as good as it ever was according to my informants (I have not visited there in some years)- which is to say it is more expensive and lower quality than Anthony’s Fish Bar on the waterfront or Salty’s on Alki.

Again, I’m sorry but Craigslist is where the locals are advertising. Your friend could certainly try the Little Nickel or other print-based publications nearby but… well, you know.

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Thanks, @koanhead , I’ll re-direct them to Craigslist.

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