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Would you please recommend me a scary/horror movie?

Asked by shrubbery (10232points) June 20th, 2011

I know there are lot of questions about your favourite scary movie but I want to be a bit more specific.

I’m looking for something that has suspense, a thriller type but will make you jump out of your skin a few times not just keep you nervous and thinking. I would prefer less gore but if it’s essential to the horror and scary element that’s okay. Definitely not looking for the Saw movies or anything like that.

I would probably prefer something supernatural but if you know a really good crime/psychological thriller/murder type one that fits my preferences that’s great too.

I’m fairly cynical which I know is a bit hypocritical of me asking for something supernatural but I need something to be done well enough and is quality enough that I’m not spending the whole time thinking “psssshhh YEAH RIGHT”. I know it’s still possible with ghosts and stuff for that not to happen if it’s a good movie.

So yeah, can anyone help me?

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Seems to tick all those boxes…. although not technically a horror movie as such.

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@ucme whats the film? IMDB is taking forever to load.

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I am Legend is so scary. I was in a full cinema so not sitting next to my friend and had to grab the stranger next to me by the arm at points. She didn’t mind either as she was scared too.

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If you really want to shit in your pants then i recommend to watch ‘The Grudge’ , ‘The Unborn’,‘Frontiers’.

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Gothika should fit the bill.
@ucme Anamorph looks interesting. I just watched the trailer.

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Friday the 13th.

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The Sixth Sense.
What Lies Beneath.
A Tale of Two Sisters.
The Others.
The Ring.
The Strangers.
Silent Hill.

If you’d like explosive diarrhea, try The Descent, Martyrs and even though this story had a lot of holes, The Grudge was a lot of fun to watch for the “jump out of your skin” element. It made me poopmahpants.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I don’t think it’s a particularly good movie myself, but it does fit the criteria which was asked.
Gothika is a good movie, if only to see Halle Berry & Penelope Cruz naked ;¬}

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My favorite of all time is Halloween (the original). If you haven’t seen it, definitely do. Another old school fave is The Shining. More recently, I liked Quarantine (but it may have been gory).

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Doesn’t exactly fit into the “horror” genre, but it’s a great movie and I find some parts of it pretty creepy: Jacob’s Ladder

For some true horror that may keep you up at night: Jesus Camp

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Psycho. The original. ::shudders::

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The Shining and Silence of the Lambs. You can’t ask for much more in the way of clever horror and quality filmmaking.
And for a really creepy suspense film with no gore, try The Orphanage.

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Karthik Calling Karthik

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( people trapped in an elevator die one by one while figuring out which one of them is devil possessed )

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I white-knuckled it through these:

The Amityville Horror (Remake)

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The Art Of The Devil
28 Days Later
The Fourth Kind

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I mean all the above selections are OK, but…
C’mon people.

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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your recommendations!

@Stinley I have seen I Am Legend and it wasn’t bad.

@jeremyh, I have seen the Grudge and screamed so loudly the first time she popped up that I ended up laughing at myself and couldn’t appreciate the scariness of the rest of the movie and ended up just making fun of it :P

@Vunessuh I have seen The Sixth Sense, The Others, and The Ring and enjoyed them, so good suggestions!

We ended up watching The Descent and while the first couple of “jumps” were good, we found it really slow and with ridiculous premises. Once we had seen the “creatures” it became lame and gross. Thankyou though, it did fit what I was asking for and yeah definitely made me jump, but I guess I am more cynical than I thought :P

@augustlan, funny you should mention that because to be honest I’ve never really been a scary movie person, only recently have I been venturing that way but my mum is such a wuss that I guess it rubbed off on me for a long time. Anyway, the first horror movie I ever saw was Halloween H20 and it was at a sleepover at a friend’s who had an amazing house but it was basically all glass. The way that Michael Myers just stood in the window and watched just creeped me out so much I’ve never gotten over it. I watched it again a couple of years later to try and alleviate my fears but it just made it worse. The next “scary movie” sleepover I went to we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new one, mind you), Scream, and Wrong Turn and none of them affected me for longer than the duration of the movie. But even now, I am not “afraid of the dark”, but when I am outside by myself at night, I am scared of Michael Myers. When we were in Hollywood last year we did one of those bus tours of the stars’ homes and famous locations and we drove past the house from the original movie and the host guy played the theme song through the bus speakers. I shuddered and it was broad daylight. It’s pathetic but it’s true :( and it’s just him, no other scary movie villain!

@Rheto_Ric, we would have watched The Orphanage but my sister refused to watch anything with children. I have seen and enjoyed Silence of the Lambs.

@fundevogel I know I’ve seen that remake of Amityville Horror but I can’t remember my reactions from it. That either means it was so scary that I blocked it from my mind (likely) or I had my eyes closed for most of it (also likely) or it wasn’t scary at all (unlikely).

@rachelnmusil I’ve seen 28 Days Later and really, really enjoyed it. I haven’t gotten around to seeing 28 weeks later though, have you? If you have is it worth watching?

@josie The Alien movies happen to be some of my favourite movies of all time. The first time I watched Alien and didn’t know what was coming I was sort of half sitting half laying on the bottom bed of my bunk beds and when it popped out that first time I jumped so high I hit my head on the bottom of the top bunk.

Thank you everyone! The movies you’ve mentioned which I haven’t seen are going on my list of “to download” and will be ready for me the next time it’s a dark and stormy night and I’m feeling masochistic.

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28 Days later is good but 28 Weeks Later is a bit same old stuff and predicatable – none of the suspense of the original

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@shrubbery If your sister doesn’t like scary movies involving children then don’t watch Martyrs. In fact, it’s only scary during the first part of the film, then the rest is just straight up violence. The depth to this film was pretty astounding despite the violence, though, which is why I really liked it, but since they didn’t leave much to the imagination, I can understand anyone not seeing or caring about its full potential.

I just saw Kevin Bacon’s Stir of Echoes. It’s an older movie, but it wasn’t too bad and I definitely jumped a few times. Try it. :)

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Ooh, I second Stir of Echoes. That was an unexpectedly decent movie.

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Oh you can always watch Drag Me To Hell. That actually freaked me out because of the ending.

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@emeraldisles That one caught me by surprise. I was all,

“Oh Sam Raimi, you don’t make scary moviesohshit.”

Apparently an old dog can learn new tricks. I’m really glad there were old school Raimi-isms and call backs to Evil Dead. That kept it feeling like a Sam Raimi movie even though he’d never managed to make a scary movie before.

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@shrubbery What have you watched?

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“The Hills Have Eyes”

That freaked me out.. i coudn’t watch the rest

“The Black Swan”

confusing and creepy

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Prom Night, Paranormal Activity, and the Final Destinations. Horrifying.

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