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Do you know any fun braiding techniques, with instructions?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 20th, 2011

I always braid my hair into a ponytail. I’m nearly know for it. But now, people and I think it’s getting old. I don’t really like putting my hair in a ponytail because my hair is sooo curly, it looks like a puff ball.

Braiding it into a ponytail makes it look alot better. (And is cute) But appearently, it’s gotten old. Any other braiding techniques? And or different styles for curly hair? It’s at a medium length (prior to a question about hair growth) and is very curly. Wearing it down isn’t a option because it gets too frizzy. (sometimes)

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I love braiding hair into a ponytail! It looks really pretty, I don’t think it’s gotten old :/ This won’t answer your question on braiding but if you want to try a different hairstyle, try putting it in a curly bun – even when they’re messy with a few strands hanging out they look nice. Also, my friend has really curly hair and she puts hers in a ponytail, twists it up and secures it in a clip, if you get what I mean. Does your hair get less frizzy when you blowdry it? Have you tried defrizzing products? That way you can still get curly hair but it’s controled, and you can then wear it in a ponytail, bun whatever.

I like the idea of braiding it into a bun too, or into a full-on plait. Sorry, I don’t have any instructions, but still, I hope this helped. :)

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How about a french plait…upside down so your pony is at the top of your head instead od the bottom. How to do a normal franchise plait….

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I do my daughters hair up in a variety of braids everyday from the basic with ribbons braided into it to french braids, or even the fishtail braids I did today. I tend to since she is only 3 braid ribbons into her hair. How I do it is by attaching the ribbon to a elastic and depending on the braid I do put it at the top of the hair and braid the ribbon in as if it were a peice of hair. I would include a picture of her hair but I am not allowed to put her picture on the internet until she is fully adopted.

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Start at your ear and french braid your hair over to the other ear then gather the rest of the hair at the second ear in a side ponytail. Sort of like this

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I love french braids and four strand braids. Those look really cool.

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@emeraldisles How do I do four strand braids?

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To do a four strand braid separate your hair into four sections and take the bottom section and cross it over the next section, then under the next section, and over the next section . Continue to go over and under until the braid gets to the end.

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I love tying my hair in a ponytail and then braiding it. Old-fashioned, but still in style. Also, I love going on YouTube to find new trends and hairstyles. Luxy is a YouTube channel that I love—she has great tutorials for unique braids.

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