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How should I style my hair for prom?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) May 5th, 2012

Hi everyone!
Okay so, I have Prom this upcoming Friday, and I have no idea how to do my hair, so I was hoping some of you might have suggestions. If it helps at all, my dress is royal blue, long, with a column skirt, cap sleeves and embellishments on the neck line. And my face is kind of long, if that helps with hairstyle suggestions. I need something fairly simple (not necessarily quick) and something that will stay put.
Thanks everyone!

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Honestly, I would suggest styling it like the model in the picture- loose curls and pinned to one side. How long is your hair?

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It seems to have quite a lot of bare skin up top. Unless you are used to that a total updo might feel a little exposed. I like @Fly‘s idea. BTW – the dress is beautiful.

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I too agree with @Fly that the model’s hair is lovely. If you want something that will be held in place more though, what about something like the hair in these pictures. Where your hair is still long (rather than a formal up-do) but it is held in place to the side?

And I agree, that is a very lovely dress.

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It’s a beautiful dress! What is your hair like? long, short? curly or straight? Does it hold a curl well? Long faces generally look best with a cut just below the chin line. What does your hairdresser suggest? Or are you doing it yourself? i like the two that @Bellatrix suggested, but will that work with your hair?

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I would go with simple, let your hair go natural on both sides. The dress is amazing, it doesn’t need much to set it off. Less is more in this case.

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I love the hairstyle on the model; I just wonder how well it would keep up with all the prom activity? I think a simple looking updo would be beautiful with the lines in this dress. As for jewelry, I would keep it simple – no necklace (the dress doesn’t need it) and simple drop earrings. Maybe a pretty bracelet or two. I want that dress

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Beautiful dress!
I like all of the above suggestions. Up or down, but keep it soft and natural looking.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
@Sunny2, my hair is naturally wavy, its four inches past my shoulders and yes my hair holds a curl well.

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If you want to be remembered by your date and others, for the rest of their lives, wear your hair in a long style. Long hair on a female is like a magnet to a male… attracts us.

Congrats on your making it this far in the world and have fun at your prom. I did at mine.

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@NostalgicChills Then try what @Bellatrix suggested. It’s easy to do and repair, if needed. You can try it easily and see if you like it. You could tie it with silver or gold (which ever is on the dress) textured cord. I’m so glad dresses with long graceful lines have come back. You’ll look gorgeous!

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