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Can anyone help me solve this mystery?

Asked by Coloma (47055points) June 20th, 2011

Okay, this might sound absurd, however, while cleaning out my desk today at home I came across 3 adhesive bar code labels with a series of letters and numbers. Obviously several have been removed from the sheet, but, I am clueless as to WTF they are, and WHY I have saved them? haha
I have no recollection of what significance they might have.
Any ideas of what they could be?

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Old VHS labeling sheet?

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Good guess but, no. Haven’t had any VHS tapes around forever.
They have a bar code and then a series of letters & numbers, repeated twice, one above the other like this.


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Any idea what this could be?
Crap in your desk. lol

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Haha, I know, but it’s driving me crazy! lol

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You know, of course, that as soon as you throw them out you will remember that they were for that winning lottery ticket left to you by your great aunt Tillie, right?

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That depends. Are they stuck to an adhesive paper meant for reapplying the sticker to something else (like a barcode for price or product information of something you sell)? Or does it seem you like you actually stuck them on there yourself, from a product, because you wanted to save the barcode information (in case of a possible return)?

It could also be the postal service. Usually there’s an adhesive removable sticker with a barcode and numbers/letters. I think the codes are used for sorting and/or tracking parcels.

The only times I save barcode stickers is for the warranty of the product (they usually make these stickers easy to take off so you can reapply them to the manual, warranty statement or receipt of the product). I’ve also kept them for keeping track of items I’ve sent in the post/mail.

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Is it the code for your router or other computer hardware?

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Are you in the habit of selling used books or CDs, DVDs, clothing at a consignment store, etc? Since there are several of them with the same number, it would seem to identify you as attached to some possessions.

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All very thoughtful and interesting possibilities, but still, no recall. haha

They are on a paper background in order, nothing I put there, no resale items, and If they have something to do with my newer electronics ( in the last few years ) I do not know.

Oh well…it’s like finding parts in your junk drawer, screws, etc. but you have no idea why you saved them or what they belong to. lol

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You could always have a junk drawer party. Wrap random “treasures” in boxes, invite people over, and as a parting gift, give them a box of “stuff”. It’s now theirs to figure out what do with it.

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Oh my junk drawer is a treasure trove, everything from a can of ‘blow off’ to pet hair rollers, misc. hardware of undetermined origin, all kinds of tape, chopsticks, a dash duster, ant traps, a vitamin jar full of thumbtacks, measuring tape, small hammer, decorative switch plate covers that didn’t fit and never got returned, syringes for the animals, nite lite bulbs, a glasses repair kit for all my one armed sunglasses that I have never fixed, lol

Yes, the desk today, the junk drawer soon. :-)

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If you have two of each it does sound like what @BarnacleBill and @PluckyDog say that there is one for sticking on something and one for your records. When I worked in a university library we had sheets of barcodes like this to make up the readers library cards. One on the card and the other on the form they filled in to apply. You haven’t been working in a library in your spare time, have you?

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@Coloma If it were a ton of them maybe sleep walking can explain it? But 3 is nothing to worry about. You could have been in a deep conversation on the phone let’s say, while your hands did that without your brain. That happens sometimes.

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