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What is your desired age difference with a lifetime partner and/or partime lover?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25895points) June 21st, 2011

I realize this could be a bit tricky to answer especially if your present partner sees your response and might not like it. Here’s hoping that is not the case and that you would give your most candid and preferred “desirable” age levels.

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Things will get tricky as a couple gets older if they are really too far apart in age. That’s how cougars are created.and lonely old farts

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+ or – five years from my own age

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Seven years younger (no less). Four years older. And, anywhere in between.

I am 39.

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3–5 either side, tops!

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-10 and plus 5.

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Someone who rejects age as a reason to live each day like there is no tomorrow.

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I would say my max is 5 years older. And for those younger, I would say no more than 2 years younger…. Am I picky?! :D

Oh yeah, this is coming from a 23 year old, soooo….. I guess that makes a difference. I am sure when I am 30ish, the range may be different and even broader… maybe…

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-3 to +5. Though, I suspect as I get older the – will get a bit larger, since my main concern is people being old enough to be phase where drinking is a novelty.

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I wish my husband was 3–5 years older, he is only 9 months older than me. He looks so young, and his whole family ages so well, I hate looking older than him, and I know I do. I see a lot of couples where the woman appears much older than the man, even though they are the same age or the man is older.

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My guy is a few years older than me; that seems just right.

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I always thought I’d be thrilled with someone with a few years of my own age so we could have some similar memories, experiences, references, etc. but it’s not worked out that way. Most of my partners have been 10+ younger. You get what you get, I guess and if it works then who’s to complain?

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My wife has been 35 for some number of years now, and whatever the difference between 35 and my current age is the perfect age difference.

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My girlfriend is 6 years younger. I would go from a year older to 10 years younger (I am 56). But I am liking just staying at 6 yrs. difference.

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I like the curiosity, energy and drive of many 25 year olds, the worldview of a 35 year old, the patience and time of a 55 year old, and the wisdom of a 65 year old… oh well.

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@linguaphile Stay with the same person over time and you get all of that from one person.

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Like @Glow My “years younger” preference is skewed by age. I’m 22 so I would not date anyone under the age of 18. I used to think that my upper age limit would be no more than 2 years until I started dating a 25-year-old and I was 19. Then, when I started dating my current boyfriend, it was no problem at all that he was 3 years older. I don’t know what my desired age difference would be now. Probably no more than 6 years older and no more than 2 years younger. I ain’t chasing no teen tail. ;)

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4 years, 16 days…

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In my opinion love is not bounded by age limit or any other thing. Love is fearless and can happen with anyone irrespective of their age, cast and creed. And for being life partners, love is the most important content that should be there in the life of those two people who have decided to be together forever. And if love is there, age doesn’t matter at all!

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The 35 year factor in this marriage seems to have some ick factor .

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5–10 years older. Never younger.

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@zenvelo I just saw that on Anderson Cooper. Ga-ross.

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I agree with @woodcutter in regards to the age factor as one gets older (going after 20 year olds when your 30 ..and continuing to do so up into your 60’s, seems wrong to me). I think I prefer someone older than me ..maybe 10 years at the very most. I tend to feel more comfortable with people older than me any ways. My partner is 7 years older and I’m fine with that (plus I get to poke fun at her).

I’m speaking in general terms. Of course, I know there are exceptions.

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The wife is two years older than me, that’s an arrangement we’re more than happy with.

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The age difference should be more than 5yrs so that there is a strong bond and respect for the partner and lover who is part time can be any with part time thoughts

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I usually date older women. I prefer 10–20 years older than myself, and I’m 25.

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I have always been more attracted (physically and emotionally) to older men. My current relationship is a 20 year age gap which is fairly normal for me. I am happy with that.

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Those who are old enough to know what they want and are legal to to it and not fretting over some age spread.


Anywhere from 3 to 15 years younger than me. My wife is 7 years younger than I am, so that means when she was a 13 year-old girl, I was a 20 year-old man. Yikes! Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Yes but when you’re 50 she’ll be 43. : )

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Everytime I see this question pop up in my New Activity, Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover plays in my head.


@mazingerz88 That’s okay. We’ll even out by then, emotionally and spiritually, which will make the physical even more special! Heh. ;)

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@MRSHINYSHOES Even if she were 17yr (providing that was the legal age of the nation she lived in) and the guy was 61yr, if they felt they loved each other or just wanted to be booty calls, it is ok if they are both legally able to do it.


@Hypocrisy_Central Agreed. As long as the plumbing still works in an old creaky house, we can still use our drains, pipes, and faucets. ;)

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@PluckyDog for me, it’s Prince’s Morning Papers -particularly the line “why is age more than a number when it comes to love…”

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