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What's the best way to organize bills in a horribly messy den?

Asked by msdduck (31points) April 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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A nice multi-pocket cardboard envelope file has taken care of this for us for years.
Got to have some little readable labels on the pockets.

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Even more than just an organizer (which helps), I’ve found that I have to address why the office is messy. As a chronic messy desker, the only thing I’ve found that works is reading and applying getting things done. I’ve been slowly using it for half a year,

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I have found a nice pre-attack method helps. Don’t let things into the den that don’t belong there. For instance when you get your mail, weed out the adds, coupons, and other clutter before you bring it into the den.

Also, go as paperless as you can. Then, even when you get a bill, bam into the previously mentioned multi-pocket envelope file it goes.

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I pay everything online, automatically if possible. That way, my offensive desk situation doesn’t lead to any real calamity.

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buy some files…name them…..for Example telephone bills one file, credit card bills one file like this..

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