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My 3rd graders got a collection letter....what will happen???

Asked by rowenaz (2436points) March 7th, 2008

Can you believe? A dentist’s office continually incorrectly submits our claims to my insurance. I go over it every three months with them, and thought I had it straightened out – nothing to pay. Well instead of sending me a bill since the last time I called (December) a collection agency is trying to get money from my 8 year old. I’m so tired of trying to straighten it out, have them resubmit under the correct ID, etc. etc., that I just want to ignore it. How long will this nuisance stay around, and can it have any effect on her financial health later on? She is 8. I can’t believe these morons sent this to collection without notifying the responsible party? I wrote to the collection agency to dispute the charge, is there anywhere I can turn to?

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This had few points of interest and ways to fight the collectors. Good luck to you.

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Call the media. It’ll make a good story.

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Also, try and your state board of Dentistry. Make it a problem for them so they’ll deal with it.

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this happens more so than you would expect. However provided you have appropriate insurance to cover said dental claims you should be okay. I have primary an secondary coverage and my dr always forgets to bill the secondary. I have recieved a few collection letters but with enough complaining gotten my dr to resubmit the claim. She should be fine

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Continue to badger your Dentist (daily, perhaps?). Tell him that you are now keeping a log and take notes during every phone call w. all pertinent details recalled. Threaten him w. your friend (even if imaginary), The Lawyer. Or perhaps you have a friend who is also a lawyer and would write a note on legal stationery?

Do you have to continue using that dentist if he gets annoyed?

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Speak to an attorney. FDCPA may protect you and your child in this case. You have the right to dispute this debt and they are bound by law to correct the issue. If they haven’t and you have gone the proper routes (this is why you speak to an attorney) then you may have a legit lawsuit to file.

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definately get a new dentist

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@ laura047 it really isn’t the dentist’s fault; a much more likely culprit is the dentist’s billing service or employee if it’s done in-house. Either way, I’m sure he/she’d appreciate hearing about the issue. I’d call up and ask to speak to the dentist personally, and politely explain why you’re so upset and that you’ve been through the same issue many times and are still having problems. I have a feeling the dentist has no clue what goes on in the billing office and would appreciate knowing when his/her employees or hired billing services aren’t doing what they’re being paid to do.

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if you dont get it cleared up it will stay on her credit record. Once everything is settled make sure you get documentation proving everything is cleared up. I work in an apartment complex and run applicants credit and find collection accounts in their names from when they were 12.

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Call the insurance company and tell them that the Dental office has submitted this claim incorrectly. Ask the insurance company to do a conference call with you and the Dental office’s billing department, and you should be able to get it resubmitted that way. Make sure you keep all EOB’s you get from the insurance company, and when you talk to them, ask the name of the agent you are speaking with and ask them the reference number for your calls. That will help them find your claim easier if you have to call them again. You should be able to get this cleared up with one phone call.

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