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Can someone give me tips for making a bow and arrow?

Asked by rock4ever (1851points) June 21st, 2011

I need tips, videos, or diagrams. I can only use things found in the woods. I just need a simple bow.

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If you just need a simple bow, your best bet is to make a bundle bow. Find some thin, straight(-ish) pieces of wood; these can be branches and saplings. Go for something that has both flexibility and strength. Take 6–10 of these, depending on size, and lay them out by length. Make pairs of the same length, trimming if you need to, binding them together so that the fat end of one is bound to the thin end of the other. It’s best if you have bundles in lengths that are a few inches shorter than the previous. Bind all of these pairs together, centered, trying to get the shorter ones near the “belly” of the bow (the part that faces you).

If you want to have it 100% made from stuff you find and make from field and forest, you’ll need some reverse wrapped cordage and appropriate fibers to make it out of. You can use various tree barks for that, or the skin off of tall herbaceous plants like milkweed. I like the milkweed because the cordage I’ve made from it is pretty smooth, and fairly strong.

This won’t be a high-quality bow, but it’ll shoot. It’s usually the sort of thing I advise for survival situations, or if you’re just screwing around with some wood.

I’ve heard you can make a fairly good bundle bow using the bamboo sold as garden stakes.

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@Tay122 I am. I’ll be shooting targets. :)
@incendiary_dan oh cool, thanks!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect such a great answer. I will try it.

Anyone else got more ideas?

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My recurve bow is made from strips of laminated wood.I imagine they steam the wood to give it a curve….and that’s all I’ve got for you

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