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Mypoints; How bad?

Asked by trumi (6491points) July 22nd, 2008

Has anyone ever noticed that the symbol is a pyramid? As in scheme? I use the site as an occasional source of free gift cards (I flick through the emails and surveys, never giving out my credit card number), and am wondering if I should quit before I get too deep.

Not only is the symbol a pyramid, but also they advertise for some interesting clients, esp. Countrywide Financial.

Any thoughts, experience, or horror stories?

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Have you ever recieved
a gift card?

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I’ve used mypoints for many, many years. Almost every store in existence (except Amazon) is affiliated so I do all my shopping through mypoints.

I’ve cashed in points for gift cards in the past and received them in a timely manner without issue.

I’ve recently accumulated enough points for a gift card(s) worth about $200…. It’s well worth it to me!

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I’ve gotten about 20$ so far, 10 more in a few days.

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Like trudacia, i have been using mypoints for a long time. I have gotten about 20 gift cards so far, and i rarely online shop. It seems like a pretty good deal for just opening an email and getting automatic 5 points for that. it’s perfectly safe and secure so you don’t need to worry about identity theft. <3 that site.

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