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New dryer "Dry Jeans" setting. Seriously?

Asked by andrew (16159points) April 27th, 2008

I’ve seen some new dryers advertise a “Jeans” setting. Anyone actually used this? I’m a take-out-my-tshirts-and-jeans-and-dry-them-on-a-wooden-rack kinda guy, because I can’t stand my jeans fading and my t-shirts getting worn out. Am I living in the past? Does the technology actually work?

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We have a new dryer and it has that setting. All it seems to do is max out the temperature. I think it is meant to dry them as quickly as possible and is not intended to preserve them.

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I guess they are serious if they put the setting on there

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@johnpowell: That’s what ours seems to do too. I think it’s just to take the thicker material into account. Makes sense, but I don’t see it doing the fabric any good.

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I think it might have to do with saving electricity too. The heating element will suck more power for less time but the motor only has to spin for a fraction of the time. I wonder if that conserves energy.

I’m temped to bust out the amp meter and see how much is being pulled on the different settings.

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@Jp: try the amp meter on the wooden rack or the clothes line, speaking of saving power.

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And, using drying racks inside house keeps air moist, which it is not during winter in the NE. Probably air is moist and perfect all year long in LA (or am I thinking of smog?)

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@gailcalled: Here in San Francisco, the smug keeps the air fresh and cheery.

Andrew, don’t your clothes get all crinkly when you air dry them?

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@nikipedia: They sure do! Usually I’ll throw them in the dryer for 10–15 minutes to get some wrinkles out… but it sure beats shrinking my shirts, cracking my decals, and shrinking my jeans.

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Air drying here also… it saves energy and clothes last longer. It makes sense for me as far as sizing too – I have long arms and legs and once clothes go through the dryer, even at a low setting, they don’t fit right.

I like to hang mine on hangers and use the shower rod and doorframes. It eliminates the crinkles and once they’re dry they’re ready to hang in the closet since I’m not into folding.

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The new high efficiency washing machines spin clothes so almost completely dry that you almost don’t need a dryer. They use very little water. They also are very gentle to your clothing. The Steam cleaning cycle also works very well in eliminating wrinkles.

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What about hanging slightly wrinkled dry garments in bathroom when taking a hot shower? Or wearing them (in LA only , of course) while they are slightly damp…a do-it-yourself personal A/C.

And how many of you can remember what sheets and pillow cases smell like when they have been dried outside, in the hot sun.? (Proust could have written another chapter on that.)

And the cheating way, if you are going to wear a sweater, iron collar and cuffs of shirt…and while the iron is hot, strike by putting a crease in each leg of jeans

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@gailcalled: Wearing slightly damp clothes makes me cringe, something about the feeling. Plus I’m sure they dry more slowly.

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Remember that you live in a predominantly damp climate, richardhenry. Here during the dog days of summer, the heat can be very uncomfortable, in the high 90s (F)...35.6 C. I often spray the hose over me while I am dressed; and sleep in a damp T, since I have no A/C.

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Hey, if you can afford it have ‘em “Dry Cleaned”....

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@gailcalled: Yeah, never really thought about that. We reach a high of like, what, 4 degrees C? (Actually about 30, if we’re even that lucky. Say an average of 18–20 in the summer.)

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@richard: Don’t all Brits have umbrellas surgically attached to them at birth?

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