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What were your top three musical instruments on your wish list you did not achieve?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) June 23rd, 2011

When I was much younger I wanted to play the sax because of the deep soulful sound it made, (thanks for ruining that Kenny G), so I took a semester of clarinet in high school. I didn’t follow up. In college, I tried piano but I could not wrap my mind around getting the left hand to this while the right was doing that. Add the fact I had no keyboard or piano at home, that didn’t go so well. Getting deeper into my appreciation of classical and jazz while deep in my heavy metal years I wanted to play the bass guitar and the upright double bass. Never got around to that.

If you have a genie that could make you and expert player of a musical instrument what would be your top three picks? I would go with [1] keyboard, [2] bass guitar, and [3] upright double bass. Not that you would actually get or be famous playing it, but your favorite you always wanted to play but never did or never did really well.

No……singing does not count.

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1. Hurdy-gurdy
2. Harp
3. Bagpipe

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Why does singing not count? The voice is considered an instrument in the context of singing.

Anyway, I’d pick:

1. Violin (I’m more of a guitar picking creole bastard than a fiddle playing one, really)
2. Saxophone
3. Accordion

Including voice:

1. Singing
2. Violin
3. Saxophone

I can already play the guitar, bass, tuba, trombone, a little piano, and some other instruments, for reference

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The Guitar
The Piano
The Saxaphone

Alas, I cannot even play the freakin’ comb…. or the anything at all… no I lie. I can play a tune on the recorder.

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I achieved my favorite.
But given your criteria…

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The Harp. I’ve always wanted to play it. It is a truly beautiful instrument.

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Classical guitar

I was given guitar lessons because my parents didn’t want to pay for the more expensive piano or violin lessens they thought were snooty and elitist but whereas I wanted classical training, I got some hippie jr. college kid who taught me out of a Pete Seger songbook.

Just last night my fiancee asked me if I would learn harp if he payed for the lessons. Sure! Heh, I’d have an excuse to put on my pretty dresses and shoes and keep our floors pristine.
He would be thrilled to sit in a chair, his evening cocktail in hand and be played to by a girl (me) sitting in the center of the room, dressed all pretty.

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Electric guitar

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Guitar ( I can play a little, wish I took it up at a young age)

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(Reasons: versatility, versatility, and awesomeness)

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Well I am currently achieving accordion, my number one, so…
2. Violin (played for six years but I suck now)
3. Irish tin whistle. I bought one in Cork and I love the role it plays in trad. Irish music.

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I have tried and failed to properly learn any instruments, although I did play the piano and guitar rudimentarily when I was younger.

I would love to be able to play the Banjo, the Bagpipes and the Cello.

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I already play a number of instruments, so I don’t really need the genie. But there is one instrument I wish I could play (maybe because I had the hots for the girl who played it back in high school band), and that is the Oboe. Oh. I see @Kardamom mentioned the cello. I would add that to my list, too. If I had a double-reed instrument and a string instrument in my repertoire, I could probably play just about anything. Except clarinet. I hate clarinet. It has to do with an unfortunate experience as a child.

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I failed at the trumpet in high school.
I could never get the hang of the harmonica.
I have not yet accomplished much on the banjo and if my shoulder ever heals, I will still become an accomplished banjo picker, like I am on the guitar.

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I play the piano and tried the violin for 6 weeks (I had trouble tuning it) and the guitar but would love to learn the banjo and the accordion.

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Mandolin, flat-top guitar and cello.

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I still hold out hope of learning daxophone.

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I play my favorite, alto saxophone. I can also play clarinet and flute.

I’ve always wanted to master drums and didgeridoo.

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I think since I already play guitar, I may add prepared guitar to my list.

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@fundevogel Jumping Josephat!! Bloody hell

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yeah…I’ll have to make one myself if I get serious. Fortunately there are instructions.

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i did get about 4 in…so the next 3 are:

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The electric guitar. I took acoustic guitar lessons in school, and thought that I could go on from that to electric. But it was so boring that for the whole time I just ended up doodling on the back of my music sheets, and didn’t learn anything beyond the Doom theme song.

I also wanted to play the harp, but I’ve never done anything much to peruse that.

And number three is the flute. I also took lessons, but got absolutely nowhere. Just no good at it.
I’m like musically illiterate.

But when I’m dead, I’ll totally blow around on a flute made of bones! It won’t matter if I’m good or not then! :D

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Drums, neanderthal random basher.
Piano, light fingered caresser….just ask the wife ;¬}
That big massive bendy thing kinda looks like a trumpet on steroids, I love the horny bugger.

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Do I have to restrict it to three?

Saxophone definitely, that’s no question

But honestly I could add a dozen more.

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Violin is still a possibility for me…just haven’t found the motivation.

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So far up to now the top 5 consist of:
1. Piano/keyboard (10)
2. Sax (8)
3. Guitar (6)
4. Drums & violins (5)
5. Dbl bass/chello & harp (4)

Followed closely by accordion beat out banjo and bass guitar, bagpipes, and banjo.

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I have been a musician for over 50 years, and a voice major in college. I can play many, but consider myself proficient in a few (accordion, voice, and bass). The instruments I would still like to conquer are (in no particular order):

cello (learning now)

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I change my #1 choice to banjo. I may be buying one here soon :D

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The saxophone is such a great instrument, I love mine :)
If I could pick 3, they would be piano, guitar, and euphonium/baritone.

Then I could say that I’ve played every category of instrument!

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