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What are some good middle names for the boy first name Lloyd?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) June 23rd, 2011

I’m just wondering, what are good middle names for the first name Lloyd? I mean I’m not having a baby with my girlfriend or anything since we’re too young and all…But we really like the name and we wanna know a good middle name for it. But yeah, any ideas?

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Loyd Lewis

Limburger would be a great -last name.

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@Vincent_Lloyd @Facade
Well, what do think so far?

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Lloyd Michael

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Especially if your last name is Boyd

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Lloyd Samuel

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How about keeping Lloyd as the middle name and naming him “Pink Lloyd” lol

Or, Lloyd Benjamin ( sounds like LORD )or Little Lloyd FauntLeroy

Hey, Lloyd Leroy, I like it!

Or, or…I’m on a roll here Lloyd Gadwicke, I had a cat named Gadwicke—silent “E”

Lloyd Ashton
Lloyd Rubicon
Lloyd Lawrence
Lloyd Langdon
Lloyd Lareux
Lloyd Linus
Lloyd Nickolas
Lloyd Lonnie
Lloyd Leviticus
Lloyd Louis

—Okay, it’s the Stella Artois speaking now, OH, there we go…Lloyd Stella! ;-)

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Lloyd Nicholas. :)
Lloyd Zachary.
Lloyd Mason.
I dunno…
Lloyd Dallas.

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I like Phillip!

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@Coloma Hey. That is my real life name.

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Lloyd Patrick

Lloyd Stephen

Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Ephraim

Lloyd Jeffrey

Lloyd Cooper

Lloyd Aaron

Lloyd William

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Pretty boy (better as a first name…pretty boy Lloyd)

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Lloyd Barrett sounds very distinguished to me.

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If Lloyd is of Welsh ancestry,
Kynan —means chief
Howell —means remarkable

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How about Lloyd Maxwell

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Lloyd Turing

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i go with Andrew

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Lloyd Webster

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Look in your family tree. And take into account your last name too. Bob Hope’s first name was Leslie. The teacher called the role last name first, followed by the first name So every day he was Hope, Leslie. Whatever name you choose, try it backwards, forwards, the initial, possible nicknames.

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Lloyd Frank ______

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