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Any way that I can learn to play the guitar and actually be good this late in life?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) June 26th, 2011

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play and be good. But then again I’m not one of those people who’ve been playing since they were six. So any ideas?Or is it too late to learn to play? Thanks.

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Yes, you can. But it will require some lessons. And a lot of practise.

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As long as you want to play and have fun and enjoy learning how to, you should be able to play well. You may not become as good as someone who has been playing since they were six but you can learn anything they can learn. Have fun!

dannyc's avatar and other like minded sites. They are incredible and I think you can improve greatly. Plus the streaming instructors have infinite patience. I have used them for 2 years and at 15 bucks or so a month, you can’t lose. it is never too late. Don’t listen to those who dissuade you, they are always picking a way to put somebody down. Many family members are the worst culprits here, in my experience. Free up your mind and enjoy the guitar as it will give you endless pleasure and consoling.

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There’s always the Hendrix way… he he… just sign on the dotted line…

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I am one of those who has been playing since a young age. I still believe it is possible to learn new things at any age, particularly guitar. Personally I am not a fan of lessons, but I taught myself and it worked for me. Get a chord chart that shows you how to play most of the most popular chords (G, D, A, E are a good start). Then find a song that you love to death and figure out how to accompany the musicians who sing it.

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Hey thanks for the tips. I guess I will go for it.

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See this is the reason why I love this site! A big thanks @dannyc for those words of confidence. I have been looking at the guitar in my bedroom collecting dust for 2 years with the intention of learning how to play. But everytime I looked at it I though “I might as well give it up, I’m too old to learn something like that!” But I feel a bit inspired now. Going to check out as @dannyc suggested.

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Learn the scales early

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