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Peter Parker aka Spiderman is killed by the Green Goblin! So what?

Asked by filmfann (52265points) June 26th, 2011

In the next issue of Marvel’s Ultimate Comics SpiderMan, Spidey gets killed during a battle with the Green Goblin.
So what?
We have seen Superman killed off, only to return. Batman’s back was broken, and he recovered, and fights again. Captain America’s Steve Rogers was killed in 2007, but now is back in an intelligence role, while Bucky takes the C.A. shield.
So, can we take seriously the story thread of SpiderMan getting killed off? Don’t we expect his return? If that is true, what is the point, other than to sell comic books.
BTW, the Ultimate Comics is an alternate universe. PP will still be on Broadway, another movie reboot, and other comics. Does that make a difference?

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The real Spidey gets killed off, a la Superman style. IOW – not really. He’ll live on as the Spectacular Spiderman – or in The Amazing Spider-Man – I forget…

In any event, get ready for the next wave of dancey spidey from broadway – I’m sure there will be spin-offs galore. I am already in anticipation of the sequel: Spidey Glitterpants.

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Not to mention his new arch nemesis “The Electric Boogaloo!”

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I wonder if Dr. J could take Doc Ock in a fight. Sorry to derail your serious thread here…

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sigh Why do people insist on doing this stuff? Unless he’s dead for good, which is a stupid idea in itself, then it won’t matter too much.

I’ve become quite smitten with Ultimate Spiderman anyways.

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Supposedly, there’s no coming back in the Ultimate universe. If that’s true, then Spiderman is gone for good within that continuity. Considering that there are a number of readers who only read Ultimate (since it is contained and does not require 60 years of backreading), that means no more Spidey for them.

Unless, of course, the rules of the universe get changed. It’s early yet. There’s plenty of time for Ultimate to get just as convoluted as the continuities that led to its creation. I look forward to the birth of Absolute Marvel and the inevitable “Tony Stark aka Iron Man is killed by the Mandarin! So what?” question it will bring to Fluther.

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I always love when antagonist characters win. It’s more realistic that not every good persons will always thrive in the end, bad things will always happen.

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@SavoirFaire Blah :l I dunno if that’s how Ultimate Spidey should end, then. That kid deserves a break.

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I hate it. He will be back.

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So what? So What?!?! Hey! I’ll be out of a job!!!

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It will be more dramatic if Aunt May ends up killing him by mistake as Peter Parker. I’m sure there’s a writer out there that could pull that off.

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Deadpool is the only good comic. Prove me wrong, /fluther/

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What’s Deadpool? Lol. : ) Kidding.

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Ryan Reynolds was so awesome as DeadPool in Wolverine, I am disappointed he moved to Green Lantern.

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They’ll probably let the MVP+Spidey clone take up the mantle. And Ryan Reynolds is supposed to do a Deadpool movie as well so keep your hopes up @filmfann

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Mark my words; the next issue will be Spidey Glitterpants: Revenge of the Queers. Reserve the #1 issue today folks, before the LGBT snap them all up. In a snap.


Dang it. If he was killed, why couldn’t it have been done by “Electro” instead of the Green Goblin? When I was a kid, I liked Electro more than Spiderman.

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