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Are we allowed to ask sexual questions on Fluther?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) June 27th, 2011

Are we allowed to ask sexual questions on Fluther?
Such as “Why do people always run to me with sexual questions” or “Why do people always seem to loose their v-card with me”.

Just super curious.

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Sure but you need to put NSWF in front of your question to let people know its not suitable for the workplace.

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This one stayed.

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Lol @Blondesjon

Thank you @creative1 I was just wondering because I had never seen questions like that before on Fluther.

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I see them all the time, and they are sometime fun to answer

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@xStarlightx Just to clarify, the question should be prefaced with NSFW (Not Suitable for Work), and the question should not include any verbiage that is too explicit. Save that for the details. The NSFW is a heads-up to those scrolling through posts that may not want to open them at work, as well as at home in case someone is observing.

It should also be used in an answer, particularly if it includes a link to a site that might be unfit in these environments.

Edit: This question should be posted in the Meta section, since it pertains specifically how to use Fluther. Just an FYI in case you post future questions about the site or in case it gets moderated.

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Sure thing since a lot answer them you can get a lot of help.

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Of course!
They’re half the fun on here ;)

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As long as they don’t start with : “My girlfriend was asking about the strange lesions on my penis”, almost any question goes.

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The new NSFW is with an S at the end: NSFWS (Not safe for weak stomaches) some of the questions here are really sick.

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@zen I adore you.

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It’s mutual, lurvely.

Now go answer some of my new q’s.

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Yes, but please do as @Pied_Pfeffer mentioned. Include “NSFW” in the title and leave out any obviously (or even not so obviously) work inappropriate vocabulary. Some questions may not be safe for work, but the front page should always be safe. You may include more descriptive terms in the details, but not in the title. Questions that don’t follow this rule will be modded and sent back to the asker for editing. Also, if users see questions where the title contains inappropriate terms, please flag it so mods get notified.

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It depends on how perverted you want to be.. Fluther isn’t a susidiary of

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@chewhorse I’m so disappointed that wasn’t a porn site.

Sexual questions are a dime a dozen on fluther. As long as the question itself isn’t NSFW, you can pretty much say whatever you want in the details, right?

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@Haleth It kills me…the questions themselves ARE NSFW, but some how posting NSFW before the question is supposed to…...? What? Do what?

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@Dutchess_III If you see a question with a title that is NSFW please flag it. Question titles should always be safe for work and include “NSFW” in the title so that you know upon opneing it that it’s…. not safe for work. Questions should also include the “NSFW” topic tag. So flag, flag, flag!

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Sorry @Haleth… I thought I put ‘dot’ instead of putting a ’.’ on the bogus site.. Maybe next time.

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