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Is it true you cannot collect unemployment if you're pregnant?

Asked by jca (36059points) June 27th, 2011

My coworker told me she heard you cannot collect unemployment if you’re pregnant. If you’re on unemployment, she said it gets terminated.

I am not planning to get pregnant, but am curious about this question. I googled it and did not find an answer. I told her it seems like it would be a violation of your civil liberties, but then again, as someone who works for the government, I know the government is not always logical.

Does being pregnant or getting pregnant affect your ability to collect or continue collecting unemployment.

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I think you’re correct. You can draw disability for not being able to work, but not unemployment.

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Yes, you can if you are actively looking for and physically capable of working:

“Q: Does pregnancy affect my eligibility?

A: It violates federal and state law to deny benefits to any claimant because of pregnancy. If you are ready, willing and able to work, and are actively searching for work, your pregnancy does not affect benefits.
The law does not require you to disclose your pregnancy unless it affects your ability to work in your usual occupations. If your health does not allow you to work in your normal occupation, you must tell the Telephone Claim Center. The Telephone Claim Center may not ask you if you are pregnant. If asked, you may refuse to answer. However, if your employer tells the Telephone Claims Center that you:

* Quit
* Took a leave of absence or
* They fired you because of pregnancy

the Telephone Claims Center may verify that information with you. If you chose to leave your last job, even though you were physically able to continue working, you may not be able to collect benefits. A federal court decree forbids the Unemployment Insurance Division to discriminate based on pregnancy.”


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What? I got unemployment while I was pregnant with my youngest son. but this was 30 years ago, so maybe it’s changed.

I want to make sure everyone understands that it makes absolutely no sense to listen to what your friends or acquaintances say. The rules are whatever the intake worker says they are, and if you have a disagreement with that, there is an arbitration/appeal procedure to follow.

I once cheated myself out of benefits because I heard I wasn’t eligible, so I didn’t apply. Then when a class action was brought up on that very subject, I couldn’t be part of it, because you had to have applied and been turned down to be in the class action.

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My coworker (who is the one who wants to get pregnant) told me that she heard that after you deliver the baby you are considered “not able to work for work.” I am not sure for how long this is, but it’s not me that’s looking for it.

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There is a four to eight week interval that is not covered, depending on delivery/complications. My delivery was C-section, so my disability was longer. In other words, you have to switch from unemployment to disability during that time frame.

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