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Window and Mac Chat?

Asked by jhatzis (11points) April 28th, 2008

My significant other and I have laptops running different platforms. I’m PC and she is Mac and yet we are still together. I’m traveling on business and we would like to video chat. What chat software would allow us to do this that is support video chat?

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Cross platform video chat works with Skype or Sightspeed. Personally, I have had better success with Sightspeed, but that may be just personal preference.

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Yeah, skype should do the trick. I don’t have experience with Sightspeed.

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My wife and I have recently started using chat clients. We have Macs at home (both a laptop and older desktop running OSX) and I have a PC at work. I signed us both up for AIM accounts which works just fine. iChat can sign in through AIM, and I just stick to the AIM interface at work. Can’t tell you how video works because we haven’t tested it yet.

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You can set iChat up to go through jabber, too. I have a gmail account which i use to chat with a bunch of friends all over the world, regardless of their OS. Of course, if you both sign up for Skype accounts, you can call and video chat. Both work great cross-platform.

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