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Do you peel your cheese sticks?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) June 28th, 2011

When you have a cheese stick, do you peel it like it’s supposed to be? Or do you just bite on the entire stick little by litte? Is there some other way you eat cheese sticks?

How do you eat a cheese stick?

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Peel them into the thinnest strips possible.

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@tom_g You must have a lot of patience, sir!

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Of course, it’s the most fun.

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@erichw1504 – re:patience. Well, I have mixed feelings about these little logs of “cheese”. I will occasionally have them around because of the kids, and of course I will eat them. However, they are really more of a toy to me. They’re not really a quality cheese. In fact, I’m not sure I even like the flavor. For some reason I enjoy the process of trying to peel the tiniest little hair-like strands from them.

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Both! I will peel some strands in the beginning, but then I usually end up biting off a bigger piece. I think they are totally yummy.

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peel them chomp

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Lol awesome im currently eating a cheese stick. I usually take a bite or so first then I peel it into the smallest pieces i can.

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I don’t. I give them to my kids and let them do it for me.

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I peel them. I don’t want the cheese police beating my ass!

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@Adirondackwannabe Them cheese police are vicious bastards!

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I peel as thin as a layer as possible, but with the widest surface area possible, so it’s like a super thin drape of cheesiness.

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Of course. That is the point of string cheese – to make strings. Otherwise it is just cheese.
If you simply chow down you are paying too much for mid quality dairy product.

Ideally, each piece should be gently pulled apart into thin strands, and tied or melted together at the ends to make a 50 ft long shoelace that can be slurped down like an African tapeworm.

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I honestly thought you were asking if we eat it with the plastic wrapper on. I don’t, by the way.

Never even thought of stringing it. Three bites, done. I’m usually driving, on my way to some appointment without having had anything to eat.

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@Jeruba I forgive you.

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Yes. Always peel.

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If eating it as a snack b/c I’m starving, I just chomp straight down. If I am just snacking to enjoy, I peel and eat!

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I hate just chomping away at cheese sticks. They taste disgusting that way.

But sometimes I am so hungry.

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I peel them like @sinscriven does. Sliced into rounds, they make excellent salad toppings or additions to potato and pasta salads.

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Lol. I always look at the little drawings on the wrappers that you’re supposed to peel them into.

I can never remember the names though…Helie-Copter, Hoola Lucy, one that looks like a grasshopper…the drawings make me laugh, but they look too complicated for this savage to replicate with the cheese stick. I just devour that mutha.

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That’s not cheese. That’s Kraft cheese like product.

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Eh, they’re the same, mostly.

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Yeah! It makes it more fun.

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I peel it. Because I am 6.

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I always peel. The one time I did not was because the people I was with were in a ridiculous hurry, and I still caught flak for it.

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Thanks, @worriedguy. Next time I’ll string it, just for you.

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@Jeruba That extra effort and exercise will elevate the cheese experience from bland to acceptable. Enjoy!

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