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What, in your opinion, is more romantic? Sunset or a full moon?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) June 28th, 2011

As the question asks.
I want to know your own personal veiws. Thank you :)

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Both are,but I like sunsets better.:)

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The full moon.

It’s the best lighting by which to devour my prey.

YARNLADY's avatar

Sunset, full moons don’t occur often enough.

bob_'s avatar

Full moon.

Night time = sexy time.

ucme's avatar

Oh a full moon, that’s when I morph into a wild beast & tear the wifes clothes off & stuff.

rOs's avatar

Full Moon. There is magic in the air.

MilkyWay's avatar

WOW, I would have thought most people would go for sunsets haha.
Thanks people, I don’t feel so alone any more in my choice. :)

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Full moon. It lasts longer.

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Both are great, but I prefer sunset.

Jude's avatar


But, I like to dance naked by the pale moonlight.

FutureMemory's avatar

Bob stole my answer.

redfeather's avatar

Full moon, but I am a werewolf.

athenasgriffin's avatar

I prefer the full moon for my personal enjoyment.

But sunsets appeal to my romantic sensibilities.

So sunsets.

flutherother's avatar

I’m voting for sunsets. (I like those sunsets with a pale moon in the sky.)

stardust's avatar

I absolutely love a full moon so I’d have to go with that. I also love sunsets.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Full moon AFTER the sunset.

Your_Majesty's avatar

Sunset: When in exclusive places like mountain peak or beach.
Full moon: When there aren’t many mosquito around (the number of mosquito are doubled during full moon).

Neizvestnaya's avatar

My preference is for the full moon but the outside temperature of where I’m observing it from makes all the difference to me and of course, the company.

Sunny2's avatar

The full moon is more romantic for me. I had an experience I’ll always remember. I was up in the wilderness region between Canada and Minnesota. Nothing but uninhabited islands and lakes. The sun was setting in the west; the moon was rising in the east; and loons were calling back and forth. Lovely.

Only138's avatar

(Makes me horny). :)

zenvelo's avatar

I am more fascinated by the evening sky. But like @Dutchess_III I like watching the sunset on the day of the full moon and then the moon rise.

But I only ike the full moon a little more than sunset.

I live where the sunset is obstructed, so I don’t get to see it too much.

KateTheGreat's avatar

Full moon. It provides a nice, dark setting. It’s always so much more fun to watch the night sky and ponder how amazing it is that two people, in this vast and expanding universe, have found each other and are in love. :)

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@Only138 and @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Kay you guys are just completely epic.

For me, full moon…full horror movie moon, in front of the tube, yo. Also ew, going outside. XD

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Sunsets are especially out on the boat and they happen almost every night.

Berserker's avatar

@KatetheGreat Damn, that’s all sweet and romantic. :) I wanna go on a date with you.

KateTheGreat's avatar

@Symbeline I might seem edgy and mean, but holy hell, I’m a hopeless romantic. I would LOVE to go on a date with you. :)

Berserker's avatar

@KatetheGreat Yeah, exterior shells…it’s part of romance to crack them…or better yet, being comfortable with a person to allow them to crack it. :)

…I said ’‘crack’’ a buncha times lol.

redfeather's avatar

@KatetheGreat and @Symbeline can I be the super romantic third wheel?

KateTheGreat's avatar

@redfeather Oh yes! I love you both dearly! :)

Berserker's avatar

@redfeather Two’s company, three’s a party. Fuck yeah.

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@Symbeline, @KatetheGreat, @redfeather can I man the video camera?

Berserker's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Aye, that, and you can man something else, too…:D

KateTheGreat's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You’re not going to join in? Geez!

@Symbeline Hahahahaha. You got itttt.

TexasDude's avatar

@KatetheGreat Gonzo, for the win!


Full moon. I love the darkness of the night in the forest, the peacefulness of it and the quietude, like when you go camping with the one you love, and there’s a full moon out. It’s sooooo romantic and sexy.

AmWiser's avatar

Both are awesome, and I love sunrises too.
Romantically, I’ll take sunset since there are more sunsets than full moon’s.

tranquilsea's avatar

A sunset. A great full moon is a reflective time for me.

Hibernate's avatar

Both are romantic but it mainly depends on the company .

Ela's avatar

A full moon, star gazing, talking and lots of kissing.
Laying on your backs in opposite directions, cheek to cheek.

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