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What is your idea for a truly exciting, kick-ass video game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28700points) June 28th, 2011

This idea for a video game just pop into my head while running after a train although it does not really involve any train at all. ( Or could it? )

BTW, the only thing you see on the screen is what your natural eyes could see if you really are on the run.

Hence, I would name the game, RUN, and it’s mostly in first person pov gamer mode. It’s simple. You don’t do almost anything but RUN. You open doors, jump windows, run down and up stairs, crawl into tight spaces, emerge from all sorts of holes, jump into all sorts of holes, walk a tight rope, swing on a rope and so on and so forth.

You RUN because you have CHASERS and you see them by looking back, which is bad because if you can see them that means you are almost within reach, and if they touch you, game over. While running, you can also find a device which you use to see your chasers in a grid, giving you advantage. This game has no guns, bombs or weapons of any kind. You just have to RUN until you complete a stage. In a multiple player game mode, two or more people could play either Prey or Chasers.

Not sure if there is already a game exactly like this today but movies with rather unique chase scenes like Matt Damon’s “The Adjustment Bureau” was inspirational. So do you have one of your own?

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Your game sounds pretty damn awesome. I’d love that.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories sort of has that theme, but it’s pretty boring and annoying…but yours and mine might make a pretty good game. :D

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@mazingerz88 Mirrors Edge has that kinda parkour movement across rooftops, mostly.

Like I said in the thread @Symbeline linked, though, I’d just like to see a game where you can blow everything up and what you end up blowing up end up essential to the story/change the outcomes.

I’m the guy who gets disappointed when Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you the planes and the skyscrapers and then doesn’t have any fire animations or emergency vehicles present when you crash into them.

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@dverhey Did you like Black?

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@Symbeline From the short time I played it I remember the sound was phenomenal. I’m a sucker for sound in video games and it had some of the best. I think they actually sampled some of the guns from 80’s action movies when making it.

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@dverhey Yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s reality based features tend to bore once you get the initial rush, if there ever was in the first place. It’s always that element of predictability that you know would come sooner or later that kills it for me.

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Everything I’ve ever wanted from a videogame is going to come true in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

You get to have real swordfights and you get to ride around the sky on a bird dragon.

Another thing I’ve always wanted is wizard duels like Harry Potter, using the Wiimote, and you’d have to say incantations and stuff. But maybe you’d get to have wizrobe fights with a wand item in Skyward Sword.

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@Symbeline Read your post about the serial killer game. Brilliant! If we indeed combine our concepts, there’s nothing like being chased by a blood thirsty killer! I wonder why it seems no one has tried this yet? Geez, where can we find a financier? And just how do you produce a video game anyway? Smells like another question for Fluther!

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A Mortal Kombat type format only with senior citizens. Location maps could include a bingo hall & a drop in centre. Weapons in their arsenal would be something practical, a zimmer frame for example or a walking stick. Plot summary would revolve around cantankerous old goats in a dispute over queue jumping & such like. Let the hostilities begin!
Geriatrics At War one possible working title.

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