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I want to be a high school choir director/music teacher, however I would like to make a decent wage, any ideas?

Asked by jdogg (871points) June 30th, 2011

I am 18 and going to a Community college this fall. I REALLY want to teach high school music! I also enjoy technology so, I’d also consider either software design or teaching technology. I would be so happy teaching music, however I love computers and it would have better pay. So do I do something I’m good at (computers) and get payed well, or do something I really enjoy (teaching music) and not get payed as well? Any alternative ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Music is awesome! Its the most mature and natural expression of all emotions!
Computers are widely used in music production these days.
A lot of music maker and mixer software are available too. It has become very easy to construct a music studio in one’s home or garage.
Or you could develop a virtual music studio software and host it on your website. You can also design and develop music related apps for iPhone.
You can teach high school music- that will earn you experience in teaching and credibility as a music teacher. You could create a music tutorial website so that your reach would be global. When you have accomplished name as a good music teacher, you can start a music academy or University of Music (something ambitious) which will be linked to your original music website.
And also be a music director and compose new songs using your knowledge about music.
Computers and Music are closely linked today, so you can have the best of both fields by working in their combined sphere.

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If you enjoy software as well as music you could always get Pro Tools certified and teach that in workshops, etc. It brings in a fair amount of cash if you do it regularly.

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Unfortunately, most music teachers (as well as their counterparts in other areas of study) are in that line of business for love more than for money. Most music teachers I know supplement their teachers’ salaries by pulling other gigs, playing on weekends, etc.

On a more positive note, however, @krrazypassions has mentioned some good possibilities.

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