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What is your opinion as to the solution of the Synoptic Problem?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 28th, 2008


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Care to explain the Synoptic Problem to those who don’t know it?

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That has got to be one of the most confusing things out there. Is there a solution or will we forever be looking for one?
Who copied who will remain forever in question, I think.

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So basically the Synoptic Problem in a gist is that the first three books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, and Luke, are all the same. All three tell the same stories of Jesus’ birth, his empty tomb, his resurrection, how he healed the sick and forgave sins, etc. Not only do they tell the same stories, but they are the same stories WORD for WORD. So the “problem” that arises is which gospel is the original and which two copied from the other.

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Ah, I see – thank you.

Can you share with me what advantage we would have if the question were answered satisfactorily? Why is it important?

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i dont know that it would benefit anyone…it is just an interesting theory (in my opinion) and there are so many different ideas as too who copied who or if the writer of one is the writer of all three, etc…Its just fun to see what everyone thinks

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I thought you might be looking for new glasses

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