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How long before you make plans for your vacations ?

Asked by Hibernate (9088points) July 4th, 2011

A few days before ?
A few months in advance ?
Or you like to travel and go places without thinking to much and you just live the moment and hop in the car / plane / boat and go places ?

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Usually three to six months ahead of time so I can get decent airfares. My last trip to Hawaii we planned about nine months ahead of time to get a good house rental.

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I traveled in Asia last year so that was planned a few months in advance, but, the opportunity arose suddenly, sooo, just booked my flight about 6 weeks in advance.

A few years ago a guy I was dating and I took off, almost spur of the moment for a 2 week road trip through the southwest, Bryce/Zion/ Taos/Santa Fe/Sedona/ Colorado.

It came up, and we left within the week.

I like being spontaneous best, and don’t want everything little thing planned out.

Taking the easy road and being open for adventure is my preference. :-D

This year is a no vacation year, maybe a weekend at the beach, but, still paying off last years Asian excursion. lol

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To rent a decent cabin at a good location takes 6 months planning, but my favorite vacations to date are the ones were you just hop in the car and go!

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A few months in advance usually, but if I get a good deal I can be ready to go in a week or less.

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Because I work most everyday, time flies and I like to plan well in advance if I can. I kind of have to because everything must be paid up front, I don’t have/use credit cards.

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We usually plan a few months ahead.

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Like others, it depends on the amount of time required to book rental houses, hotel accommodations and/or flights. It also depends upon whether or not it is international travel. In general though, I plan in advance anywhere from three weeks to four months if a flight is involved.

For road/rail travel, it depends upon the circumstance and destination. It still requires some thought. Sometimes, I wish that I could be more like @Cruiser and just jump in the car and go.

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What are these “vacations” you speak of?
I have a sad, sad life.

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@Dr_C: I was on my family facebook this morning and got weepy to see so many gatherings and fun stuff going on without me :(

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I do it all. Some vacations/travel is planned months in advance. Like our long weekends for my husband’s racing isnusually planned 2–4 months in advance. Trips to NY or FL, I have family there, might be rather short notice, 2–6 weeks in advance typically, but could be a few days if I can fnd a great price on a flight, some special. A long weekend that is in driving distance can be a few days in advance. A lot of it has to do with being able to get a decent price for a flight, so places farther away I need more lead time. Major vacations (what I named up above is more like travel or mini vacation weekends) usually at least a month ahead and I spend several hours researching what is avialable to do and planning the trip.

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Vacation? What’s a vacation?

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Like many others I’ve not had a vacation for a while. I had planned to go away with my son for the first time in March this year down to South Wales (I live in the North of England) but a few weeks before I had a car accident which made me feel unable to drive that far. I’d like to be able to find the courage to go away with my son on my own but I just don’t feel strong enough yet. Maybe one day….

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It depends on where I am going.Anywhere form a few months to a day’s worth of planning.

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Flying to the US months in advance.

For the Alps at most 2 days in advance depending on the weather forecast. It’s a 3½ hour drive from where we live. Rain and fog isn’t fun.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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@nebule There is always the bus, or the train. Always an adventure.

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It has to be a minimum of one month in advance because I need that much notice to get time off work. My preference would be to book it about 3–5 months in advance.

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