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You're in a packed elevator/lift when somebody farts, how do you react?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 6th, 2011

Let’s for the sake of argument say it’s an audible fart, like ripping cardboard. Do you laugh? Dig out some body spray? Hurl? Or something else? What if it was you who did the bottom burp?

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I sing along! With my own fart! XD

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Try to ignore it and then laugh about it when I leave the lift.

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Look at straight ahead and try not to laugh. Act as though I didn’t hear a thing.

If my g/f was in the elevator with me, I couldn’t look at her. I’d try to stifle a laugh (try really hard).

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I only ask because this happened to me yesterday. I was at the hospital & someone let one go in the lift! There must have been at least a dozen or so people in there with me & the phantom farter refused to reveal themselves.
Point is, I can never stop myself from laughing in those situations. It’s only made worse when I try to stop. So, I laughed out loud, which made a few more people giggle. I guess the quiet ones were now prime suspects XD

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Ignore it. I might smile.

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@Jude I was going to say the same thing about my boyfriend, there is no way I could look at him in that moment!

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I ignore it.

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I’m not even sure I’ll even notice it [ unless it starts to smell like crap ] .

For this I mainly use the stairs even if I have to climb 20 – 30 floors . [ and keeping my health ] .

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I giggle if it’s loud. I mumble obscenities if it stinks.

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I probably laugh. If it’s an overly serious and repressed elevator crowd that isn’t laughing, I might repress my laughter and then laugh about it later.

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My friend Sam did this once; I told him it was called a “Cincinnati Air-Freshener” and he couldn’t stop laughing…luckily it was a very short elevator ride…

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I suppress a tendency to smile and continue breathing, but cautiously.

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Once I was with my friend,who’s claustrophobic. We were in a hotel and our room we were sharing was nine floors up and we each had a large suitcase (we were on a class trip). We had to take the elevator. Everyone had just checked in, so it was packed. While we were there, my friend was freaking out because we were so cramped. Then, the kid next to her let one go and she starts crying. It stank too. That was the highest nine floors of my life. Everyone was laughing at us.

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I conjure up my own arsenal of nature’s gas.

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Dueling banjos fart style.

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I would probably smile and try not to laugh. But if someone is laughing then I’ll probably join in the laughter.
Reminds me of a story my daughter told me. She always has to work closely to people and it was only her second week at work. She ate something that didn’t agree with her and her gas was really smelly. So she would go to the hall where the elevators where because it was usually vacant. She would pretend to be waiting for the elevator and then let one go and go back to work. Well she let one go and didn’t notice the elevator door just open. She had no choice but to jump go in since she was standing right in front of the door. Out of the elevator her big boss steps out and greets her as they pass. Followed by an OMG! She just hopped in the elevator to get away and just wanted the elevator to swallow her up. She had a hard time facing him for a while after that. LOL

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@DominicX As a Clevelander, I love your description.

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I start kill’n bitches….

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Try to ignore it and breath through my mouth (unless it’s one of those tastebud killer ones – I’d rather smell it at that point).

If my partner, or friend, were with me and they laughed, I’d have a really hard time not giggling myself silly. My partner and I have been in many similar situations in the past. If the phantom farter laughed, I’d probably smile or giggle.

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I’d have to ask if they needed a tissue for that :-/ Lol……

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I bite my lip.

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I’d say, “I hope you brought and extra pair of underwear.”

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I would do a Cliff Clavin and diss up some interesting facts about the history of farts.
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used simultaneous farting to blow the surface of the pyramids free from fine sand…

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I wish I had the discipline to stare at a stranger in an elevator until he/she made eye contact, then let a long, loud fart while staring at them with cold, unblinking eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. But no way I could keep a straight face and do that.

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I will try not to laugh if it doesn’t smell really bad. If it does smell really bad, I try not to glare.

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That would be the perfect time to sneak yours out, shit let’s make this interesting.

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In Australia you would have to pay for this.

Called fart tax.

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Fart tax!?! Sounds like a hemorrhoid cream to these ears.

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How does that work? I fart and the people in the elevator tell me to cough up a few dollars each or they will call the authorities?

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How do they collect it? (the tax I mean)

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Maybe you have to keep track of how many farts you complete for the year, then write them off on your taxes.

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Depends on the amount of methane. And it’s New Zealand, not Australia. Humans are cheap tax-wise. Sheep and cows are not. But I think the parliament hasn’t approved the bill yet.

or more politcally correct

“Agricultural emissions research levy”

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