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Are Farts unavoidable?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) October 9th, 2010

This is a serious question(not life threatening or anything, but I have to know). Is fart connected to you or something? When you fart in the bathroom, then jump outside and close the door, why does it still smell like the 6th circle of hell(or whatever you ate).

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It’s to do with the digestive process in your intestines, I believe. It’s your body releasing gases. The smell is part of that, too. Same with why your poo smells.

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P00 is awesome, I wonder how our ancestors dealt with mud butt or volcano blaster?

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Farting is unavoidable. You are able to control it though by deciding the time and intensity it is released.

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Well think about how the air moves when you make a bolt for the door and then slam it behind you. It pushes all of that air (including the stinky air) right in your direction.

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@TheOnlyNeffie LOL My husband sometimes fart in his sleep when I feed him anything with beans and cabbage. Watchout for certains foods. They can give you excess gas.

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Lol…farting is a natural part of our life ;)

Part of the reason it follows you is that it is still in your clothes (assuming you are wearing them) as you leave the bathroom.
Who knows? Maybe it just wants to go back where it came from :P

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@PluckyDog: Reminds me of a ren & stimpy episode

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There was a recent medical study done on mice about this very question and the mouse on the left is the one that didn’t fart it’s entire life and the other one is a control mouse. I would chose to fart or else.

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I have never tried to avoid farting. I fart every chance I get. I sometimes actually eat foods that make me fart and makes my fart smell really bad on purpose when I know company is coming. I also have a great sense of accomplishment when I make a huge poop without it breaking apart in the toilet. Wether a fart is unavoidable is a non issue to me because I will never avoid a fart.

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Completely. Welcome to existence, kid.

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why should we avoid them? it’s the bellwether of relationships. You know it’s good when a girl you met recently will rip one on you.

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I didn’t mean unavoidable as in the first definition of avoid. I meant like dodging them because you fear the fart will be too brutal even for you. Example, your home alone and you’ve been eating microwave burritos like it’s 1999, you go to another room to fart because you dont want to deal with it, but the smell follows you back into the living room. Is the like some sort of old monk technique that would allow you to leave a fart in another room?

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I’ve seen people throw farts so maybe they are on to something

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You fart, you have to pat the gas out of your clothing. As to keep it from following you.

Farting is good. Farting is #1. And, holding them in is half the fun.

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