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What was your first pet?

Asked by athenasgriffin (5964points) July 6th, 2011

My first pet was a huge, 180 pound Newfoundland. His name was Cody, and every dog since has been compared to him. I was learning to walk, and he loved to push me over as I was gaining my balance.

What was your first pet? What are some things you remember about him/her?

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A turtle.

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A black and white kitten named Figaro. :-)

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A Cecpoia Moth caterpillar that I raised and let go once it came out of it’s chrysalis, but the first real pet was a Boa Constrictor. She was bitchin!

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@Cruiser I’ve always wanted a Boa, but everyone else is afraid for my life!

@Coloma My second pet was a grey tiger striped kitten I named Lacy.

@chyna I want a huge turtle that lives like 200 years, but I don’t think I’m ever going to get one.

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Nancy,the bitchy Scottie. :)

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A piglet and I named him Arnold after a pig in the TV show “Green Acres”.

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The first pet that was mine was a gerbil. Mom allowed the older sister and I to get a pair. It became a disaster. They learned to get out of the cage, and we’d have to go on a hunt for them. They bred, and then ate their first batch of babies. The second batch survived, except for one. The sister accidentally sat on it when we were letting them run around on the bathroom floor for exercise. For some reason, both came down with some sort of bloody, open hole on their bellies and had to be euthanized by the vet. I had nightmares about them for years.

@Coloma Were you a Pinocchio fan?

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I was about 5, yep, how’d you guess? haha

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@athenasgriffin The boa was awesome and I wore it around my chest inside my shirt and no one would know she was in there.

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A hamster named Bucky, then my son’s first pet was a hamster named…. Bucky!

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A hermit crab when I was about ten. It was very exciting.~

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A fish when I was 4. His name was Pancake Sauce.

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@linguaphile A long line of Buckys ey? haha
@cprevite My daughter is 23 and wants to get hermit crabs, just about the ONLY thing we never had as a pet.
@blueberry_kid LOL..that is too funny!

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@Coloma: Well they’ll never pee on the carpet. ;^)

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My first pet was one of those little turtles you kept in a round, shallow plastic container with an island sort of thing in the middle with green plastic palm tree sticking out of it. The turtles were eventually banned from sale in the U.S. because most of them turned out to be cute little bundles of salmonella. I’m surprised that so people my age survived our childhoods.

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My first pet was a duckling.

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A goldfish that I won at the fair. I named him James Bond.

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A green turtle.

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A dog. Mickey the poodle.

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A Golden Retriever named Henley.

My first pet as an adult is a cat named Rage.

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It was a cat named Caroline. Maybe I was 3 or 4. I remember she was hit by a car. It was the first time dealing with a dead pet. Never gets easy.

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Awww/ When my daughter was 3 a neighbors kitten got run over and we discovered him in the street., my daughter said ” can’t we take him to the kitty doctor?”

Um, honey, the kitty doctor can;t help him now.” :-(

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My first was a black and white cat named Harry S. Truman because we adopted him as a wild kitten. He was roaming the area behind the white house when Truman was in office. Of course, from then on, all other childhood pets were named accordingly, my dog Bessie, named for Missus Truman and assorted turtles, lizards, etc. were named Margaret to complete the family.

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I was always raised around dogs. The first family dog I remember was a cute little collie puppy we named socks. I was about 4 at the time.

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A whip tail scorpion . I really wanted a real scorpion by my mom was concerned about it stinging me and such so I ended up with this one. After I showed I could be responsible with it I ended up getting a emperor

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They are so cool!

My daughter had Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, freaked me out.
We had a cedar house with knotty pine floors and I always thought the dark knotholes were escaped roaches. lol

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@Coloma lol my sister used to have the hissing cockroaches as well. Pretty cool insects. One got out one time, that was fun to catch lol. Damn things were impossible to kill too, she’d like forget to feed them for weeks on end sometimes and they still trooped on.

I really wish there was somewhere around me still to buy cool insects but I dont know of anywhere, quite a shame. I want a bad ass centipede or something lol


A fantail goldfish.

Then came a budgie bird, a turtle, a rabbit, a hamster, more fish, puppies, kittens, a hermit crab, a mouse, and a frog.

I had a whole menagerie as a kid, but my very first pet was a goldfish that my Mom had bought me.

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My first pet was a parrot.
All I remember is that he died. I was quite young.

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My first pet was a turtle. His name was Speedy. I barely remember him. I was three.

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@uberbatman You’re so lucky to have gotten at least some kind of scorpion thing. I desperately wanted a squirrel monkey when I was a kid and I never got any kind of monkey at all. I was mad at my parents for like a year. I thought they were being completely unreasonable. “And I can’t have a monkey because… because… why? You’re so mean!!!! You don’t love me at all!!! I hate you!!! If you loved me I could have a monkey!!!”

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A goldfish, it died the day we got him so we named him Bob, coz that’s all he did :¬(

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A pair of parakeet. One blue, the other Green. Died in rainy season.

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A Border Collie X Springer Spaniel called Lucky.

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Great responses everybody. Good to know that everybody remembers their first pet fondly.

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I think the first pet I can remember was a dog; Clancy, a Saint Bernard. I was around 2 or 3 years old. We always had dogs growing up ..and farm cats.

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