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Can you help me find a video?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1770points) July 7th, 2011

Okay so I haven’t been on Fluther in a looooong time but I need your help… I’m looking for a video in which there’s a guy in an office or something alone and he sees this paper or something which has a large round black circle on it that acts like a portal. I think in one part he gets candy from a vending machine using the paper. Then, he goes to a safe and gets money from it. After that he tapes it on and goes all the way in and tries to get all the money but the tape wears out and the paper falls and he’s stuck in the safe and is knocking for help but no one is around to help him. Sorry for the somewhat long read but if you’ve seen this video surely you remember and hopefully you’ll be able to provide me with a link. Thanks in advance!

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@everephebe yes! ahh! I searched almost everything but black hole _ thanks!

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Sure thing @applesaucemanny ‘twas my pleasure.

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thanks again! :)

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Reminds me of a similar concept from the movie Yellow Submarine.

I’ve got a hole in me pocket

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@filmfann I was raised on the beatles that’s how I was able to so quickly google for this video.

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