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An iPhone app that record calls?

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) July 8th, 2011

I have an iPhone 4 and i want an app or something that record all my calls.What can i use?

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I just checked app store no “record iPhone”. Don’t know if the is something for a jail broke iPhone.

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Recording a phone call without the consent of all parties is illegal in many places

Accordingly, I don’t see Apple approving such an app, and I think any other market with even a shred of legitimacy would shy away from any app that is of dubious legality. While your intentions may be good, such an app could be abused easily.

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Interestingly I just did some searching on this (to help my in-laws record some old voice messages before chucking their land line service) and there are a few apps for this—the best rated one appears to be called: “Record Phone Calls”. However, please know that ALL apps of this nature (to record iPhone phone calls) require a service where you buy minutes of recording time. They then “play back” your recorded phone conversations via a remote website. Seems like none offer the ability to save the files as MP3s locally on your device or computer. Also, as @jerv notes there are some strict legalities around recording calls and if you’re in the US, there are only some states (I forget the number..I think I read once it’s like 9 US states?) that allow you to record calls (legally).

I ended up getting VoiceRecord—which at least allows you to FTP or Wifi connect to get recordings onto your local device. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for my purposes (to save phone messages) because it won’t operate during a phone call. It stops recording as soon as you use the phone to make a call.
In the end I had to use an different audio recording setup I already had on hand to transfer cassettes to MP3s. I used Lame (recording software program)and USB deck together with an input cable from my phone to the tape deck to take a recording off my phone. Again, only possible because I was sitting attached to the tape deck and had the recording software already (and the legal ability to record my in-law’s voice messages at their request). So, this is probably not the route you want ..because it’s a) Tethered and b) requires some equipment, 2 software programs and a dedicated recording session on your computer.

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Google Voice can record phone calls by pressing 4 during the call.

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