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How can I get rid of my fear of the dark?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) July 8th, 2011

I’m a 13 year old girl and I have a big fear of the dark. I have a very creative and strong imagination (I’m not trying to brag) and I think that there are things like ghosts or scary creatures in the room that want to hurt me. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me and I think I see something. I always always always sleep with a nightlight on, but I’m still scared! I know that it’s all fake and all, but I cannot control my imagination! I’ve tried to think of other things, but it doesn’t work! How in the world can I get rid of my fear of the dark and control my mind?
Please don’t say anything mean, I really need help!
And my parents will not take me to a therapist in this economy!

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You can try some of the tips in this article, How to Overcome Fear of the Dark.

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You don’t need a therapist for every little thing that comes along in life. I’m many years older than you and cannot stand the dark. I have nightlights all over my house. When the power goes out I burn candles in stainless steel bowls sitting in my bathtubs all night long. I will not be in the dark. It’s just one of my quirks. We all have them. You will likely grow out of this, but if not, you’ll be just fine with this quirk.

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The only reason why you are afraid of the dark is that you are insecure about yourself and that you may have an active imagination.
Start building on your self confidence, tone down your imagination and teach yourself to get
use to the dark.
First start in a small space like your closet for ten to thirty minutes a day when you are comfortable do it in the bath room after that you move on to a bigger rooms ext..
I hope it will help. Play music from your I pod or cell to help you to relax.

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Try reading novels that don’t involve anything scary. I use to be the same way and I grew out of it when I started reading at night. I would go to bed with a flash light and read romance novels. They can put your head in a different place before bedtime. You can also read magazines or comic strips. After a while the only thing I was scared of hearing was my mom yelling for me to put the book down and go to bed.

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It takes time to outcome any sort of fear . Psychological ones are the hardest ones . Maybe you were neglected [ so to speak ] in the dark as a kid or maybe someone played you some awful jokes . Or maybe someone told you to many stories which occurred in the dark .

You need time to get used with the dark . Some say trying to sit in a room with an adjustable light so you can make it darker and if you are to scared to turn it on really fast .
Others just say “overcome your fear and enter in a dark place ” .
Some say your eyes adapt harder to the dark . I tell you from my experience that a person can see in the dark [ not like a cat ] but you start to see shapes [ and if you are in a familiar spot you’ll imagine the things there so it’s easy ] .

In any case everyone is afraid of the dark . If you put them in a unfamiliar spot and turn the lights out they will be scared [ not as much as you ] but not being able to see it’s a pain .
I have all the respect in the world for the blinds because they manage to move around that easy .

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There is nothing about the dark that is scary in itself.

But its merely your own negative imaginations….
Your fear begins because you dwell on any of the endless possible negative circumstances that might occur in the dark.

So be reminded that you are the one creating your own fears by imagining these negative things.
So think different while you are in the dark and you will find that all is well.
And truly all is well indeed.

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