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Can someone assist me as a new Skype user?

Asked by jca (36002points) July 8th, 2011

I downloaded Skype. However, I can’t get off the “This is your account” page. I can’t get to the page where you add contacts and make calls. I have tried everything. Please help!

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Its isually the first one that opens, if not click any buttons that look like a house or any link that says home.

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They sent me an email “Welcome to Skype” (so I did do something right) and so I went there, and downloaded it all over again (and deleted my previous downloaded version). Even with the new download, I can’t get off of “This is your account” page, where you can manage your account, pay for features, etc. When I click on anything else, it takes me away from my sign on. There is no “home” or anything like that from the “this is your account” page. This is the same problem I had last night.

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You have to access Skype, in order to make calls, from the application/program itself, the one you downloaded, not from Skype’s website. I don’t know if you are using a PC or Mac. Is there a Skype icon on your desktop? If you open the program itself you will get a dialogue box where you enter your username and password and then it should be pretty clear.

For a PC you may have to access the Skype program from your Start Menu ->All programs -> Skype folder, then put the icon on your desktop yourself if you want.

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@lillycoyote: your answer was spot on. That’s exactly what I was doing wrong! GA to you and Thanks a bunch. Thanks also to @XOIIO for trying! GA to you too!

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@jca I figured that was the problem because the same thing, basically, happened to me when I first got on Skype. I feel somewhat vindicated that another person had the same problem. I still think their website is badly designed, confusing and the information not very well organized. I spent a couple of days, on and off, on their website feeling like “Lilly in Skypeland;” like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole and gone through the looking glass, until I figured out what I had gotten so very wrong.

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@lillycoyote: I spent at least one hour last night trying to figure it out. It’s not very user friendly in the beginning, and nothing says clearly that in order to start using it, you have to do step a, b and c. Even clicking on help was not helpful. I, too, am glad it was not just me, because I felt like a real idiot!

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